Towards a Common Goal of Making Education Available to All
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Towards a Common Goal of Making Education Available to All

Teleperformance - 12.09.2022

Education plays an integral role in paving a brighter future. Learning and developing skills during childhood can shape how they lead their lives, what they can achieve, or the opportunities they can get as they get older.


Education is a right – a basic human right for all, regardless of gender, age, status, religion, or race. Yet, in most countries – especially in developing or poverty-stricken nations – children do not have access to education, lessening their chances of having a better quality of life.


In a recent CSR Talks hosted by our very own María Fernanda Ordoñez, we explore the role of companies, as well as non-profit and non-governmental organizations, in empowering children and families through education. María is joined by Raluca Negulescu-Balaci from UiPath Foundation.


The discussion detailed Teleperformance’s focus on promoting education in Argentina and the UiPath Foundation’s key initiatives in Romania. María shared how poverty is affecting the education of children in Argentina. “It's very common that young teenagers drop out of school to help their families, to provide for their families, to help their household. And often because they are children, the type of work they have access to is very informal. So, we have to understand that education and development go hand in hand, and these children should they deserve a quality education so that they can have.”


Raluca observed a few parallels between Argentina and Romania when it comes to poverty affecting the state of education. “We started in January 2019, and 35% of the children in Romania were struggling with poverty. Then, the pandemic started,” she shared. “Right now, it is estimated that there are around 50% of children in Romania who are struggling with poverty. We’ve seen this educational gap widening, and this is a source of concern for us.”


To further strengthen our efforts in enriching the lives of children in Argentina through education, we have partnered with local NGO Fundación León to sponsor teenagers and help them finish their high school studies – a scholarship program designed for students whose families are actually facing socioeconomic challenges in the country. For María, personal connections have been made with the children, and she shares about the possibility of them joining Teleperformance. “We’ve been working with these kids for over three years, in hopes of helping them finish school – and maybe one day, who knows, joining TP as well. We invite them to our side, so they get to know our premises,” she said. “They know our names, we know them, we've seen them grow. When they come visit, we take pictures. So, we have pictures throughout the years.”


As a Force of Good, Teleperformance continues to reinforce our commitment to be the best caretakers of the world. We remain passionate about making a positive difference on our communities together with the UiPath Foundation, who share our vision of building a better and fairer world for all.


Watch the full CSR Talks on LinkedIn and get to know more about Teleperformance and the UiPath Foundation’s initiatives in promoting education by clicking here.