TP Shuttle Brings Opportunities Closer to Home

TP Shuttle Brings Opportunities Closer to Home

Teleperformance - 04.27.2022


Teleperformance continues to adapt to the changing times as hybrid workplaces become abundant across the globe. With the recent launch of Teleperformance Jeepney in the Philippines, we are excited to keep revving up to a better world by bringing remote opportunities closer to home—this time, through our TP Shuttle cruising across the North-East region of India!

As an Employer of Choice, we recognize the need to reach and tap into local talent. India, home to more than 501 million people in the workforce , has an IT-BPM industry that is on the verge of unprecedented growth. Through TP Shuttle, Teleperformance’s mobile recruitment van, first-time employees have the opportunity to hop on the bus, learn more about Teleperformance, and land their dream job.

All-in for the Greater Good


Like Teleperformance Jeepney, the TP Shuttle strives to seek local talent and present them a world of exciting opportunities in the BPM sector in India. Through the TP Shuttle, Teleperformance recruitment teams can be closer to communities and reach out to potential employees wherever they are, wherever they live.

The TP Shuttle is also designed to be aligned with Teleperformance’s values of diversity, equality, and inclusion. Opening more avenues to attract and gain new talent where opportunities are previously scarce allows us to reach first-time employees who want to explore careers in the digital services sector. Providing remote work opportunities also encourages sustainability and a better world throughout the recruitment process—the TP Shuttle is equipped with everything a potential employee needs to finish the recruitment process on the go, including registration kiosks, interview and pre-onboarding desks, and job offer signings. The TP Shuttle aims to simplify recruitment by having the process completed on the same day.


Get Ready for a World of Opportunity


Across the North-East region, the TP Shuttle is set to travel across cities, including Guwahati (Assam), Shillong (Meghalaya), Aizawl (Mizoram) and Dimapur (Nagaland). A world of job opportunities—both for remote work and a traditional office setup—await the aspirants. The shuttle is looking to hire and train more than 2,000 employees to become interaction experts, providing exceptional service in the digitally integrated business services sector. Candidates recruited by the TP Shuttle will benefit from Teleperformance Cloud Campus’ highly structured, agile methodology that will allow them to receive training and coaching from any location.

Through the TP Shuttle, we look forward to establishing meaningful connections. Watch out for the TP Shuttle rolling in your area soon!


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