Transforming People and Communities through Meaningful Employment

Teleperformance - 07.18.2022

Impact sourcing continues to be one of Teleperformance’s Environmental, Social, and Governance priorities. As a Force of Good, we have spent decades nurturing our commitment to transform people’s lives by bringing life-changing jobs to people who are clearly disadvantaged in the race for opportunities. 

Through our impact sourcing initiatives, we are able to steer the lives of many towards a brighter future. By offering the right training, our impact workers acquire new skills that will positive affect how they earn and work. More opportunities to learn mean more ways to improve the lives of our impact workers and their families, as these opportunities give them a chance to get out of poverty.


Our Commitment to Transform Lives

As a leading employer in most of the regions where it operates, Teleperformance is committed to having a positive impact on local economies and, more generally, on people’s lives. In 2021, the Group has created over 30,000 net jobs. More than 15% of Teleperformance’s workforce are impact workers from minority groups or disadvantaged communities, who are now empowered to improve their standard of living. Through impact sourcing, Teleperformance also contributes to the advancement of women’s employment in developing countries, where it employs 70% of its workforce. Here are a few of our impact sourcing initiatives that positively drive a long-lasting and impactful change as we look forward to a fairer and better tomorrow.


Teleperformance in Mexico

Teleperformance leaves no one behind. Our teams in Mexico hold this mantra close to heart—across sites, Teleperformance continues to provide job opportunities to a number of young, unemployed individuals and people with disabilities. Furthermore, Teleperformance also partnered with Nestle in Mexico through “United for Purpose”: an employability agreement that will benefit more than 8,000 young people striving to look for jobs and career opportunities.


Teleperformance in Colombia

In 2021, TENT Partnership for Refugees, a non-profit organization with whom we partner to identify refugees suitable to fill our job openings, granted Teleperformance an “Outstanding Leadership in Hiring Refugees” award for our impactful approach to hiring Venezuelan refugees living in Colombia. Today, we continue to make a difference in the country through impact sourcing.

Our teams in Colombia spearheaded initiatives to hire and retain refugees displaced by the crisis in Venezuela. According to the UNHCR, almost six million Venezuelans have fled their country since 2015. As of December 31, 2021, over 2,250 Venezuelan refugees have joined the company.




Teleperformance in the United States

In the United States, Teleperformance started “Project @ Home,” an initiative that hires war veterans, their partners, and other family members. Furthermore, a partnership with the Salvation Army has enabled Teleperformance to hire homeless people. Working together with the Idaho Office of Refugees, Teleperformance has hired refugees from Iraq, Congo, Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Somalia.


Teleperformance in Bosnia

Teleperformance has hired around 20 people from Roma communities, a regularly discriminated minority group in Europe.


Teleperformance in Greece

In Greece, Teleperformance has hired over 80 impact workers since 2016, offering work to refugees who came from the Middle East and the Mediterranean Sea.


Teleperformance is built on the framework of diversity, equal employment, and unique cultures, resulting in a work environment that embraces each and everyone’s differences. With more than 420,000 employees worldwide, we have a responsibility to constantly look for ways to make a positive impact on the world we live in. Being a major employer in most countries where we operate, we are honored—and humbled—to improve people’s lives and communities through inclusive employment and impact sourcing.

Learn more about Teleperformance’s commitment to inclusion.

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