cryptocurrency security standards

Upholding Security and Trust in Today’s Crypto Landscape

Teleperformance - 10.14.2022

Cryptocurrency security standards: New technologies bring exciting possibilities. Yet, one must always remember that it can also be a double-edged sword: one presents opportunities for success, and the other ultimately can bring threats and risks.

The world of cryptocurrency continues to expand. Its ongoing presence in an emerging market can be heavily felt. The world’s major players are taking action and getting a piece of that cryptocurrency pie – Tesla and Microstrategy both hold Bitcoin in their balance sheet. In an article, Time reported that experts still predict that Bitcoin can hit $100,000 USD.

Cryptocurrency has been offering a glimpse to the future, yet behind its premise lies a lot of vulnerabilities and threats. It’s not a secret how cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency assets are an attractive target for hackers – this is why cryptocurrency remains a polarizing subject today.

Cryptocurrency scams are abundant. The Federal Trade Commission reported that more than $1 billion USD was lost due to crypto scams in the last 15 months.

Continuing to Set the Highest Cryptocurrency Security Standards

Teleperformance constantly protects financial assets – digitally and physically –through our award-winning and best-in-class security framework that safeguards trust and prevents fraudulent activity in an increasingly digital world.

As we enter the new phase of digital economies and virtual markets, Teleperformance is ready to adapt to the changing needs of today’s virtual spaces and crypto markets. In our LinkedIn Live webinar on LinkedIn, our Global Chief Information Security Officer Jeff Schilling touched on Teleperformance taking the lead in the metaverse. “Teleperformance is really leaning forward in customer experience especially in the metaverse, turning our two-dimensional digital experience into a three-dimensional experience,” Schilling stated. “I see a lot of opportunities for NFTs to help us manage identities. That’s one of the things we’re looking at, and we’re building some studies as we lean forward into the metaverse with our clients.”

Joining Jeff in the webinar was Crowdstrike’s Adam Meyers, Senior Vice President of Intelligence. Crowdstrike is a leader in cloud-delivered protection of endpoints, cloud workloads, identity, and data. The two had a very insightful discussion about the challenges and security threats to cryptocurrency. When asked to share tips on how crypto users can protect their personal wealth, Meyers advised: “First, for the individual… make sure that the actual hardware you’re using is patched and has the appropriate security tools deployed to it. Next-gen antivirus and other technologies really help protect those systems. Second, when using crypto exchange, make sure that you’re looking at how they are managing and protecting things. Some of the more popular ones in the US will use an FDIC-backed accounts for storing fiat currency.”

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Teleperformance establishes the cryptocurrency security standards due to the inherent attractiveness of crypto and crypto assets as targets for hackers. Find out more about our blockchain customer services today.

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