Entering Into The Heart Of An Innovation Ecosystem

Bhupender Singh - 10.16.2019

A new era of innovation has begun, and Teleperformance is geared up to lead this!

Earlier today, the much awaited Teleperformance Innovation Experience Center (TIEC) was launched in Santa Clara, California.

The TIEC is a state-of-the-art showroom in Silicon Valley where visitors can experience the future of customer management. It truly allows us to bring together our expertise and experience from across 80 countries into a single location– your sneak peek into the futuristic world of TP.

Teleperformance has great pockets of expertise all over the world, and TIEC is just the right initiative to showcase the innovation, technology, human excellence & more through a single platform. Every day, we are transforming and re-inventing ourselves, adopting world-leading data analytics, automation, robotics and AI, and this is increasingly becoming a part of the modern customer experience.

But Teleperformance has teams and different expertise in 80 countries. We can’t expect clients and prospects to visit every place where we have a team with specific skills or knowledge. What we are doing here is collecting all our skills in innovation in a single place – and Silicon Valley is a very accessible place too.

Being home to leading tech companies and high growth start-ups, it allows us to collaborate with these organizations and develop and deploy best and new ways to deliver an unmatched experience. Sometimes we build these solutions with smaller partners and often these partners are in this area of California allowing us to increase the pace of innovation by inserting this center right into the heart of this innovation ecosystem. For our clients and our partners, this new center makes sense and will help us deliver more solutions to more clients globally.

This innovation experience center allows us to show our full might across several areas of expertise. It’s safer, faster, and better for clients to see everything under one roof like this.

Teleperformance has been on this journey over the past couple of years, evolving from vanilla customer service and CRM to becoming a much more intelligent organization. We are data-driven and now have over 50 different technology and analytics products. Modern customer experience now demands this level of expertise.

 Our endeavor to create #TechnologyWithASoul, became tangible with the TIEC! 

The TIEC Is Now Open For Business

Click here for a video preview… Follow our social networks for posts from the launch on Tuesday and watch out for the hashtag #TPTIEC… You can follow our Teleperformance group on LinkedIn.

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