TP Digital: Leveraging Technology and Innovation for Digital Success

TP Digital: Leveraging Technology and Innovation for Digital Success

Amit Vohra - 01.22.2024

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are consistently seeking intelligent solutions to optimize their operations for a more customer-centric future. But navigating this complex journey requires a trusted partner – a digital pioneer who understands the intricate ballet between technology and innovation. Enter TP Digital, a powerhouse of expertise dedicated to harnessing the power of high-tech and co-creating success for our client partners by helping them fully unlock their digital potential.

TP’s TAP Framework for Digital Excellence

TP Digital epitomizes our commitment to smarter solutions for digital success. We deliver end-to-end solutions across the customer experience cycle, business value chain, and employee lifecycle. At the core of our digital prowess lies our TAP framework, a strategic approach encompassing Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence. By leveraging the TAP capabilities, TP Digital aims to reimagine the entire operational process and define target operating models to build effective implementation blueprints for clients.  

TAP Capabilities Overview and their Proven Outcomes across Sectors


At Teleperformance, we realize the potential of today’s disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Intelligent Automation, Cloud, and Machine Learning to reshape and augment CX Operations tomorrow. Therefore, under the Technology arm of TAP, we deploy new-age tools such as digital assistants, chatbots, and email bots and devise our proprietary solutions to deliver productivity benefits and simplify operations for our partners.

TP genAI, for instance, is our exclusive digital tool to provide interactive conversation experiences to CX advisors and equip them with personalized contextual responses and tone of voice. It has already found multiple tailor-fit implementations across CX journeys, knowledge management, industry-specific solutions, and employee lifecycle management to generate remarkable results, including:

  • ~40% AHT reduction + ~90% error reduction upon integration with the calling process
  • ~20% AHT reduction + ~18 CSAT improvement via email response generation
  • ~15% AHT reduction + ~10% CSAT improvement via knowledge management optimization


Every business operating in the new digital era garners vast amounts of unused customer interaction data. Data, we know, can be used to drive actionable business insights and enable better decision-making for both – our clients and customers. Through TAP’s Advanced Analytics wing, our experts deploy state-of-the-art analytics tools to deep dive into data via three key models:

  1. Data Engineering – Big Data
  2. Advanced Visualization & Reporting – Descriptive & Diagnostic
  3. Advanced Analytics & AI – Predictive & Prescriptive​

Our key focus areas include customer engagement & experience, risk & compliance, and business process optimization. Our advanced analytics solutions, enriched with cutting-edge statistical models, process reengineering, and intelligent solution frameworks have delivered real outcomes for clients across industries, such as:

  • ~11% increase in sales conversions + ~30% increase in customer retention for a leading telecom player from the Netherlands
  • 100% consignment journey coverage to track order updates/delays + ~50% reduction in order entry of out-of-stock items for a US-based medical equipment manufacturer
  • Reduced man hours from 2 weeks to only 4 hours for each CSAT cycle + 100% interactive, auto-refreshing customer data & survey dashboard for a leading travel & hospitality company


Under Process Optimization services, TAP serves as a roadmap for large-scale business transformations and digital innovation. The TP Digital Consulting experts enable strategic improvement of both process effectiveness and efficiency by designing an optimal operating model with reduced cost to serve, based on the bedrock of Lean Six Sigma and Design Thinking.

This consulting-led process transformation framework extends to several of the key business functions and has so far reported significant breakthroughs across critical aspects like:

  • 40-50% increase in productivity + 20-25% attrition reduction for the Hiring and Onboarding process with recruitment and training or knowledge management -as-a-Service
  • 90+% forecast accuracy improvement + 30-40% reduction in cost to serve for Operations Efficiency with workforce management, quality, and security -as-a-Service
  • 200-220% increase in sales performance + 50+% NPS improvement for Productivity improvement with AI, analytics, intelligent automation, and software -as-a-Service

Focus on Data Security and Privacy for Successful Digital Journeys

At Teleperformance, we recognize how digital is always surrounded by looming data threats and why businesses must secure their setup to protect their customers from external threats while also ensuring data security and privacy. An unwavering commitment to data security and privacy is intrinsic to TP Digital, ensuring not just speed and simplicity but also safety in its services. The TP Digital team serves as a strategic partner for clients, evaluating business processes and designing tailor-fit, smart, scalable, and secure digital solutions.

One of TP Digital’s exemplary innovations is the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Scanner, an industry-agnostic AI solution developed to identify and automatically mask all personal sensitive data in unstructured and structured documents. This innovative tool is available in 21 languages and allows unmatched agility, scalability, and security, aligning with TP's mission of "Simpler, Faster, Safer" service delivery.

TP Digital's vision for digital excellence extends beyond frameworks and solutions. We envision a world where businesses can be empowered by intelligent solutions, a One Office support model, and unwavering adherence to the highest security and quality standards. This commitment is further solidified by TP India's recognition as the Digital Center of Excellence for CX Management, Back-Office Services, and Transformation Solutions, our name continually echoing at prestigious recognition platforms like "World's Best 25 Companies" and "Global Outsourcing 100."

With a focus on security, quality, and innovation, TP Digital is not just a technology provider but a digital architect and a trusted partner, ensuring growth and success for businesses navigating the complexities of the new economy in the digital era.

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