Nestlé Professional in Turkey needed to improve:

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Client management

The company needed a more accurate and efficient solution to identify and understand the decision-makers and influencers in their sales and marketing funnels and then create a more effective buying journey.

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New home business market

The home business vertical consists of nearly 1M potential points of consumption, such as in hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc., which is why the company needed to develop its sales channels within five to 10 years.

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Client support

To help the business stand out from the competition, Nestlé Professional needed to increase client retention by considering every touchpoint in the decision-makers' journey, especially post-sale support.

See what Nestlé Professional has to say

In a recent LinkedIn Live session, Goktürk Akkal, Manager of Customer Experience and eCommerce at Nestlé Professional, shared his experience with nearly 2M Teleperformance followers on LinkedIn. See why so many of the world’s best brands have trusted us to solve their business problems and elevate their KPIs.

Our partnership with Teleperformance resulted in the modernization of our classic customer engagement center, allowing us to reach our C-SAT nirvana with increases of 7%-9%

– Goktürk Akkal, Manager of Customer Experience and eCommerce at Nestlé Professional

“Teleperformance has been an innovative company – not only in day-to-day flexibility, but also in adapting to our demanding market.”
“Our results were great. All of this was made possible by the fact we now had access to a geographically dispersed workforce that allowed us to hire the best talent possible.”
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“Our relationship with Teleperformance is built on innovation and never standing still.”