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AI designed to serve people

Generate conversational, life-like dialogs to supplement your human workforce and scale to meet sudden or seasonal volume spikes. TP GenAI analyzes past interactions and combines a trained Large Language Model (LLM) with billions of parameters to deliver authentic, human-centric responses.

Apply TP GenAI to:

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Increase response consistency, accuracy, and scale exponentially

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Accelerate inquiry or issue resolution

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Interpret or convert across languages, formats, or channels

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Improve employee performance and productivity

MIT Technology Review Insights

Humans at the heart of generative AI

Generative AI is becoming a key component of business operations. It can enhance both employee and customer experience by automating the handling of routine tasks and repetitive inquiries while providing background support to employees tasked with more complex issues. However, like any technology in its relative infancy, it needs to be implemented thoughtfully.



Ryan Strategic Advisory

The profound power of generative AI for businesses

Companies adopt AI to automate simple and low-value tasks, aid sales teams in identifying the most relevant offers, and simplify internal processes ranging from hiring and training to quality control and data security. With the continuous evolution of generative tools, it is crucial for businesses to apply it ethically and ensure the right balance between AI and human and judgment. The latest white paper from industry expert, Peter Ryan, explores this new AI landscape and how AI can be applied both strategically and safely.

Elevate live interactions

Data-driven decision making, redefined

Empower employees with intelligent tools like TP Interact. Powered by TP GenAI, TP Interact uses generative AI to deliver near real-time interaction analytics and drive data-driven decisions.

It tracks customer interactions at scale across multiple languages and channels including voice, chat, email and social media. Businesses can leverage these near real-time insights to enact program changes that enhance customer satisfaction, optimize processes and create new revenue streams, while further personalizing customer experiences.

TP Interact clients are seeing real results:

Up to

Translations at scale

Holistic solutions for delivering multilingual support

Delivering customer support in local languages can be challenging, especially for businesses wanting to expand into new markets. Because hiring and training local teams is time-consuming and costly, companies need a balanced high-tech, high-touch approach for delivering human-centric support fueled by AI efficiencies.

Meet StoryfAI

Communicate in any language

Empower internal teams and expand engagement capacity with StoryfAI, powered by TP GenAI. This highly effective, AI-fueled solution automates translations between more than 100 languages to interpret support requests and accelerate resolution. Reduce handle times by as much as 30%.

Teleperformance clients are already seeing real results

Let us help you integrate GenAI into your customer journey.

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