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Business Process Management has never been simple!

Questions to be answered, information that takes a long time to access, data flowing through different channels, flying SMS and multiple screen clutter.
Wouldn't you like to manage all and more on one screen?

It is possible, thanks to Artflow!

With its flexible structure, Artflow enables to reach the right answers quickly with the right flow and directions.


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QuickStart implementation

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Forms & scripts & knowledgebase creation in minutes

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User friendly interface

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Unlimited & flexible content creation

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Real time change deployment

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Powerful multi platform integration

What we do for you

Artflow enables to reach the right solutions quickly with the right flow and directions by user-friendly modules:
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Dynamic Flow

With Dynamic Flow's drag-and-drop feature, you can easily design and modify your streams. These changes are reflected on the respective user screens without waiting for any software update.

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Dynamic Form

With Dynamic Form module many categories to use within a form can be easily added in the desired format. And again reflected on user screens in real time. In addition, the versioning feature protects previous scenarios and keeps track of changes.

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Advanced Scripting

With Advanced Scripting module you can create personalized scripts for different customer segments or scenarios, to can deliver extraordinary customer experiences by increasing your business efficiency. By its dynamic structure, it takes only a few minutes to create your content.

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Decision Tree

We create scenarios and determine flows with our customer with Decision Tree. Flow system, forms, frequently asked questions / knowledge base or advanced call text modules are created in accordance with the needs.

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With FAQ module you can create a knowledgebase by predefined questions and answers and other necessary information to be used during interactions. With this keyword search system, the time to reach the right information is shortened and customer satisfaction increases noticeably.

Flexible and sustainable for any environment

Key Strenghts

  • Web basede Platform
  • Easily creation of agent screens as a web form
  • Rich component support
  •  User friendly interface
  • Quick design
  • Email, SMS, Web Service, Pre-check component
  • Telephony System Integration
  • Multimedia Support
  • User Feedback Option
  • Import Data Mapping
  • Condition - Based Filtering
  • Multi - tenant architecture
  • Speech to Text
  • Versioning & Historical Data
  • Unlimited Scripting with External Dynamic Data

Interested in world-class digital integrated business services for stronger customer relationships?

We are a global leader in solution design, business optimization strategies, front-office customer support, and back-office services like finance, accounting, collections, and tech support. With more than four decades of deep, industry-specific expertise and service innovation, Teleperformance offers the market’s most comprehensive service portfolio.

Today’s businesses need an agile, digital services partner to ensure long-term success. With an extensive and proven track record in making each interaction matter across all industries and regions. Teleperformance can deliver more intelligent and integrated customer experiences balanced with human understanding and empathy.

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