User experience is central for the Betting & iGaming companies. Seamless customer experience throughout the whole player journey requires complex back-office processes and involves latest technologies. Providing solutions with a human fallback will guide players and will ensure loyalty and higher customer lifetime value.

Stay ahead of the ever-changing customer behavior and preferences. Teleperformance offers solutions for betting and entertainment companies to deliver best-in-class interactive experience.

Elevate Player Experience Across the Board

Our omnichannel customer experience solutions ensure that your business delivers exceptional support to players

Technology with a human touch

Teleperformance is at the forefront of digital and smart technology, helping companies to create optimized, cost-efficient & best-in-class player experience.

65% +

Reduction in manual processes

35% +

Lower Price

Advanced Digital Solutions

We streamline and automate repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on higher-value activities. 

Our solutions are customized and integrated to your needs. 

Through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and integrated, state-of-the-art technologies we optimize player journey & employee experience with the measurable return on investment.

An integrated omni-channel chat and social media engagement platform, that enables live customer interactions via diverse channels.

A web based application that integrates with multiple sources and performs robotics to aid appropriate decision making to help reduce fraud losses

Safeguarding Betting Transactions - Transactions security- AML

Cashouts – Winnings, accounts, deposits, payments, withdrawals
Refunds, claims, chargebacks
Exchange of tokens 
Set key indicators for risk sensitive accounts
Intensified monitoring for high-risk accounts
Player Risk Profiling
Anti-Fraud Management Review

AI Operations
what is metaverse

Experts view

Embracing CX in the Metaverse

Ass businesses further enter the digital entertainment space, new risks arise along with the new opportunities. Identity protection will be of paramount importance as companies build out new, digital experiences. Read this paper prepared in partnership with MIT Technology Review Insights to understand how to properly protect users in the virtual frontier.

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