Environmental policy

Teleperformance is a leading global group in digitally integrated business services, providing customer experience management, back-office services and business process knowledge services. The Group's 380,000 employees, based in 80 countries, support billions of connections every year in over 265 languages and 170 markets,  As a global organisation, we recognize that our business operations have direct impact on environment due to the consumption of natural resources like energy and water and generation of waste.

Teleperformance commit to comply with relevant compliance obligations to which the organization subscribes; while also seeking to continually improve our environmental systems to minimize the environmental impacts of our operations.

This policy is integrated within the Corporate Governance framework for Teleperformance. The policy on environmental protection and the qualifying statements below, form part of the company’s business management system.

The Teleperformance environmental initiative, Citizen of the Planet, is fully sponsored and supported by the Chairman of the Board of Teleperformance Global Group.

The CSR committee is responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented, and sufficient resources are available to meet the objectives and targets of this policy.

Country Managing Directors through the local Environmental Committee are responsible for the practical implementation and control of their Environmental System.

All employees are responsible for meeting the aims and objectives within their respective areas.

The scope of this policy shall apply to all our operations spread across the geographies, all employees, contractors and business partners retained by Teleperformance.

We, at Teleperformance, has set the following core objectives in order to meet our environmental and sustainable goals:

  • Create awareness among all our employees on the environment protection through various employee engagement programs, trainings and awareness campaigns
  • Conserve natural resources by improving resource efficiency - energy & water
  • Identify energy saving initiatives within our operations to reduce the Group’s energy consumption and related GHG emissions
  • Reduce our carbon footprint (CF) per employee across all country operations and track the performance on regular basis
  • Reduction of travel (air and local) across all our country operations by encouraging virtual meeting platforms, use of public transportation and recommend carpooling
  • Reduce the environmental footprint of our IT infrastructure and operations including data centres through Green IT Initiatives
  • Adopt the principle of circularity for sustainable waste management in our business operations through waste minimisation, recycling and eco-friendly disposal as per the regulatory requirements and/or industry best practices
  • Integrate environmental considerations as a criterion while selecting the new office infrastructure
  • Strive towards Green Procurement of all the products we purchase for our business operations
  • Engage vendors and contractors on environment sustainability through trainings and awareness campaigns; develop pre-qualification criteria and integrate the environmental considerations in the contractual conditions to collaboratively achieve our objectives of greening supply chain
  • Country Operations are to set, monitor, benchmark and review the performance of the objectives and targets on regular basis to ensure the Groups’ environmental objectives are being met
  • Communicate the environment policy to all the employees, customer, contractors and business partners and make sure it is available to public
  • Conduct the group management reviews to evaluate the environmental performance of the country operations on annual basis
  • Review the environmental policy periodically to ensure its continuing applicability and relevance in our business operations.

Teleperformance is dedicated to setting the best standards and adhering to sustainable practices in order to make a positive impact on the planet and therefore, strive to fulfil its environmental commitments as a truly responsible global corporate citizen.