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Fortifying Digital Strategies for a Redefined Healthcare Customer Experience

Teleperformance - 07.29.2022

With the emergence of technology playing an integral role in boosting the healthcare customer experience, many healthcare companies are rapidly accelerating their digital transformation efforts.

In a recent article by our very own Division President of Healthcare Enterprise Operations Linda Comp-Noto in Healthcare IT Today, it was mentioned that the healthcare industry is “conservative by nature.” Yet, recent events – such as the global pandemic – had presented many opportunities to the industry, allowing it to tap into digital capabilities to enhance products and services.

It is clear by now that digital technology greatly improves the customer experience. We’ve seen recent innovations in the realms of AI, analytics, and machine learning that allow accuracy and fast service, paving way for efficient operations for businesses and satisfaction for customers.

In the healthcare industry, technology strengthens patient loyalty and increases revenues. There’s data analytics that continues to provide a personalized experience to increase overall care and wellness for the patient. AI, or artificial intelligence, is also lending a helping hand in the industry – AI can assist medical professionals in diagnosing diseases by doing a lot of the initial analysis based on trained models, and also adds a unique value in helping detect anomalies in medical images that are too small for the human eye to detect. Another is chatbot integration, speeding up and simplifying queues that can lead to quick responses and solutions for patients. There’s also the rise of telehealth channels, concierge telemedicine, and online portals that offer convenient virtual consultations.

A Redefined Healthcare Customer Experience: Overcoming a Challenge

The global pandemic sparked the need for most healthcare companies to adapt to the demands and needs of patients. As patients experienced the many benefits of digital transformation, their expectations and needs have completely changed. This presents a challenge: how can healthcare service providers sustain the momentum of providing an exceptional patient experience, especially in a post-pandemic environment? To overcome this, it is important for healthcare companies to accelerate and move forward towards fortifying their digital transformation efforts that make way for a redefined healthcare customer experience.

In the same article, Comp-Noto detailed four recommendations to consider in developing a strategy that can further strengthen a company’s digital transformation efforts in the healthcare industry. They are the following:

  1. Enable customer journey mapping to identify and fix pain points
  2. Expand telehealth services
  3. Utilize digitally automated technologies
  4. Make digital technologies available to medical professionals

A Proven Partner in Providing Elevated Patient Experiences

Teleperformance is the world’s trusted partner in elevating the healthcare customer experience. For over four decades, we have gained tremendous experience and expertise in the industry, allowing us to create simpler, faster, and safer interactions.

By utilizing technology and instilling the human touch in everything we do, we can anticipate patients’ needs and adapt to their changing expectations to help your business deliver a superb patient experience.

Read Linda’s full article in Healthcare IT Today. While you’re here, why not download our free white paper “Redefining Healthcare in the New Normal?” For more information on our telehealth services, contact us today to learn more!


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