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Prioritizing Education to Promote Progress

Clementine Gauthier - 01.23.2023

Teleperformance looks forward to another year that is filled with hope, kindness, and growth by promoting education! 

As we observe International Day of Education on January 24, 2023, we reignite our commitment to create a better world for our communities through promoting education. This year, the theme is “to invest in people, prioritize education.” 

In 2022, our initiatives have significantly impacted countless lives globally, ensuring that quality education can be accessed by all while promoting learning opportunities to vulnerable groups and communities. Because of the generosity of our employees, more than 60,000 lives benefited from educational initiatives in countries where Teleperformance operates.  

Teleperformance continues to reinforce our commitment to making education available to all. We share our passion of creating a positive impact on the communities where we live in. Let’s look at a few COTW highlights that paved the way to a brighter future through education in 2022: 


Teleperformance donated to the Granite Education Foundation to support teachers, students, and schools in the Utah area benefiting 13,000 children by making donations to the Alan Truitt Force of Good.  Our colleagues in the USA also held back-to-school events to support children's education. Teleperformance holds a long-standing partnership with Feed the Children in the USA where employees give via recurring payroll contributions. This year, we provided 1,000 backpacks with supplies to five title-one schools across the country. 



Teleperformance partnered with universities, colleges, student organizations, and learning institutions in the Philippines to help around 10,000 young people develop and hone their talent as they aspire to become future business professionals. In the country, Teleperformance also donated to Project Angel Tree, a Department of Labor and Employment initiative under its child labor prevention and elimination program. Teams in the Philippines provided shoes, clothes, school bags, and office supplies.   



In India, Teleperformance is focused on promoting education. We offered philanthropy programs benefited more than 10,000 unprivileged children since 2021, including those with disabilities, through long-term partnerships with NGOs. Our 360-degree approach enables us to initiate projects right from building the infrastructure, to providing sustenance, offering skills training, mentorship programs, and providing recruitment opportunities. 


Our teams in Colombia donated technology-based tools such as smart devices and scholar kits to over 8,600 thousand kids. 

Through our "Reuse to Educate" initiative, our teams in Colombia donated over 1,000 school desks made from more than eleven tons of plastic waste. More than 3,200 children benefited from our donation across TP MAR region. Through this initiative, we can support children's education and help protect the environment at the same time. 


Learn more about Teleperformance’s Citizen of the World today! Read the press release detailing our CSR initiatives that are promoting education for more than 60,000 vulnerable children.