“TP Open Doors” Welcomes You to Brazil
Diversity & Inclusion

“TP Open Doors” Welcomes You to Brazil

Fabricio Coutinho, CEO of Teleperformance in Brazil - 05.26.2023

Welcome to the TP Open Doors Series, where we take you on a virtual tour of Teleperformance’s coolest workspaces around the world!

Join us in exploring our Great Place to Work®-certified sites. Take a look at our contemporary and fun facilities and hear new stories from our passionate employees who are always inspired to be the best!

Learn more about our previous stops in our TP Open Doors series:
Colombia, India, and Portugal.

Now, we open our doors in Brazil to you!

TP Open Doors’ Next Stop: Brazil

Teleperformance in Brazil is pleased to host you in this next stop of TP Open Doors!

1998 marked the beginning of Teleperformance’s operations in Brazil. Our evolution as a company in the country has witnessed so much – and now, we continue to reinforce our position as a global . As one Teleperformance, we are united in our commitment to innovation and continuously learning to achieve success.

I am proud of our teams in Brazil, with a 28,000-strong workforce driving us towards success. Teleperformance has one of the largest teams of multicultural and highly qualified specialists in the market. We offer a wide range of global digital business services using the latest technologies and operate under the highest security standards in Brazil. We provide highly specialized technical support, digital sales, ad sales, B2B sales, content moderation, copyright protection, and much more. As a trusted partner of global and local companies from various industries, we are responsible, for example, for supporting one of the largest credit card brands in the world.


Teleperformance in Brazil supports over 70 clients through 12 delivery centers. Our teams provide service for 25 countries in various languages – Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, US, UK, and Canadian English, Spanish, French Canadian and Japanese. We partner with companies of 14 industries, including banking and financial services; media and entertainment; retail and e-Commerce; technology and consumer electronics; travel and hospitality; healthcare; and many others.


Setting the Highest Standards for our Employees

Teleperformance sets the highest standards in taking care of its team. Learning and development initiatives were strong in 2022 at Teleperformance in Brazil. To ensure our employees pave a path towards better careers, 63% of vacancies were filled by internal promotions and within JUMP!, our global development program. Recognizing the importance of working from home, we currently have more than forty percent of our employees working remotely.

At Teleperformance, our employees’ health, well-being, and happiness are of the utmost priority. Programs such as “Health Week” inspire our employees to be always at their best, ensuring that their health and well-being are always in check.  Our Gaming Arena, established in 2022, and multiple wellness areas ensure our employees have some fun, stay motivated, happy, and healthy.  Talking about happiness, we have once per month our “Happy Day” that our team including the ones working from home defines a theme, and we need to be characterized according.

I am proud to share that Teleperformance in Brazil has been certified Great Place to Work® in the last 13 years – an extraordinary milestone that we are grateful for. As a company that respects one another’s differences, we value diversity and equality. Here are a few of our projects and initiatives that have made a positive impact on our employees and our communities:

  • Social Badge for Everyone: Teleperformance reinforces the importance of diversity and inclusion daily. To support our transgender teammates, we initiated the "Social Badge for Everyone" program in 2015. This program enables them to request the use of their chosen names on their office badges, rather than their deadnames or the names assigned to them at birth but no longer identified with.
  • TP Amazônia Project: The TP Amazônia Project contributes to reforestation efforts in Brazil, further supporting riverside, Indigenous, and rural communities. The project also donated nine acres of seedlings to reforest the rainforest and three libraries with 900 books to local communities. We were able to integrate economic development, digital inclusion, and development for local communities in this initiative that we are very proud.
  • Other initiatives: In 2022, our teams at Teleperformance in Brazil donated 25 tons of food; over 100,000 toys; more than 87,000 disposable masks to communities; over 56,100 of miscellaneous donated goods; and over 6,200 liters of milk for children with disabilities and in situations of social vulnerability.


We are happy to have you here with us in Brazil on our 25th anniversary! TP Open Doors welcomes you to our site. Enjoy your stay and hope to see you real soon. Click here to watch the video!






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