Virtual TP Open Doors Next Stop: Greece
Diversity & Inclusion

Virtual TP Open Doors Next Stop: Greece

Charlotte Foucteau, Chief Executive Officer at Teleperformance in Greece - 09.29.2023

Fresh off the success of Virtual TP Open Doors in the Dominican Republic, we are truly excited to take you all on a virtual journey once again! This time, we are on our way to a beautiful country that is deeply rooted in history and culture. Let’s take a look at Teleperformance’s operations in Greece, told through Charlotte Foucteau, Chief Executive Officer at Teleperformance in Greece. Welcome to Virtual TP Open Doors! Dubbed as the “cradle of Western civilization,” Greece is mostly known for its ancient history, its beautiful scenery, and a rich culture that has captivated many people all over the world.

Having the opportunity to lead a truly talented team and contribute to the growth of the company is something I am grateful for. I take pride in being a part of Teleperformance in Greece – here, we proudly employ people from more than 110 nationalities.

For over 34 years, Teleperformance in Greece has bridged the gap between brands and customers, constantly adapting to help brands by offering digital business services that transform businesses for the better. We serve over 140 markets, provide support in over 42 languages and dialects to 12 different industries, and operate in six state-of-the-art multilingual hubs across Greece.

Teleperformance in Greece is a place of respect – we only offer the best possible working experience and strive to maintain a work culture that empowers diversity, equity, and inclusion. We constantly elevate the experiences of our employees and put their needs above everything else. Being recognized as a Great Place to Work® and one of the Best Workplaces by Fortune Magazine inspires us to create even better workspaces for our people.

We are grateful to receive Verego’s esteemed Social Responsibility Standards (SRS) Certification for nine years. Since 2020, Teleperformance’s impact sourcing programs have made a positive impact in Greece. Most of our impact workers are from vulnerable groups including the long-term unemployed, followed by people living in poverty, individuals without a degree, persons with disability, refugees, and several other vulnerable groups. Currently, of our 12,000 employees, 13% are impact workers.

We also strengthen our corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives every year, making sure that we give back to our local communities and do our part in protecting the planet.

We recognize the value of continuously developing the talent and skills of our employees. We take career growth seriously, fostering professional development opportunities within our multicultural, safe, and fun workplace. Early in 2023, we provided over 500,000 training hours and deployed over 2,400 classes attended by more than 15,000 trainees. We also expand our CSR initiatives every year, making sure that we give back to our local communities and do our part in protecting the planet.

Our employee engagement activities and employee perks include:

  • A range of physical and digital events, celebrations, contests, parties, and initiatives, in which all our employees can participate
  • CSR initiatives, such as blood drives and tree-planting activities, among many others
  • Participation in marathons, such as the Athens Classic Marathon
  • Access to various health benefits, as well as a 24-hour counseling support and nutrition lines
  • Playrooms, fully equipped kitchens with free coffee, specially designed break areas, as well as an outdoor gym
  • Health seminars, wellness days, weekly stress relief campaigns, and wellness allocated time to our employees
  • Training and development programs, such as e-learnings and upskilling courses for our people, as well as free Greek lessons

On behalf of all our passionate teams working in Greece, I am very excited to open our doors to you. We hope you enjoy the virtual tour. Please enjoy your stay at Teleperformance in Greece! Check out our Virtual TP Open Doors video by clicking here.


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