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Teleperformance in the USA has expertly delivered exceptional results to clients and partners.

As a premier destination for tailored global digital business services, Teleperformance in the USA continues to serve our clients from several locations. As an Employer of Choice, Teleperformance in the USA has been recognized as a Great Place to Work® for four consecutive years. Its strong commitment to social responsibility continues to receive various recognitions, including the esteemed SRS Standard Certification from Verego in the last nine years.

Let the stars and stripes captivate you! Welcome to the USA.

The USA has been the world’s largest economy in terms of Gross Domestic Product. Home to nearly 45 million immigrants, the country is abundant in culture and in tradition.

Globally, the US has the most influential economy. This places the country at the center of global invention. Of the 2,000 world’s largest companies, 575 are based in the USA.

Here are a few highlights of our USA operations:

Drive efficient operations through innovation

Teleperformance Innovation Experience Center, Silicon Valley

Deliver more in less time through transformative solutions fueled by innovation. The Teleperformance Innovation Experience Center is your gateway to the latest technology and digital business services that drive efficiency and transform businesses.

A force of good

Envisioning a better world

Teleperformance reinforces its commitment to creating a positive impact on the world and in communities. Together with Feed the Children, we share the same mission of making education available and accessible to all. Watch our video to learn more about our projects in 2022!

A commitment to our employees

More fun for our people

Teleperformance is a people-centric organization. We are committed to our employees’ well-being and happiness. Their well-being and safety remain our priority, which is why we elevate our workspaces and include great, relaxing spaces for them to unwind and collaborate.

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