“TP Open Doors” Welcomes You to the USA!

“TP Open Doors” Welcomes You to the USA!

Scott Barli, Chief Operating Officer at Teleperformance in the USA - 07.05.2023

Welcome to the next destination of the TP Open Doors Series — USA!

Get a glimpse of life at Teleperformance, meet our employees, hear their stories, take a peek at our facilities, and learn why our employees work in Great Place to Work®-certified sites across the globe.

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Colombia, India, Portugal, and Brazil!

TP Open Doors’ Next Stop: the USA!

I am more than excited to be a part of Teleperformance’s highly anticipated “Open Doors” series. Join me as I take you all on a virtual tour that puts the spotlight on our site in El Paso, Texas. Welcome to Teleperformance in the United States!

From omnichannel support to accelerating digital transformation, Teleperformance continues to be the chosen partner of the world’s leading brands. In the USA, our operations have expertly delivered exceptional results to our clients and partners, made possible by our team of over 30,000 employees.

As a premier destination for tailored global digital business services, Teleperformance in the USA continues to serve our clients from several domestic, nearshore, and offshore locations. We also have a strong and dedicated remote work program, with over 60% of our employees working from home.

Teleperformance in the USA continues to develop long-term relationships with our partners, our employees, and our local communities. We combine our exceptional workforce with the latest digital technologies that cater to and adapt to the needs of our clients, bringing positive results.

Please allow me to list a few highlights of Teleperformance in the USA:

  • Great Place to Work®-certified for three consecutive years
  • Recipient of Verego’s CSR SRS certification for nine consecutive years
  • 22 physical delivery centers
  • 5 million training hours provided in 2022

Our Focus on Delivering the Best Experiences for Our Employees

Teleperformance in the USA is a people-centric organization. Long-term tenure across the organization distinguishes us from our competitors. We have created a high-tech, high-touch approach for our recruitment process that is predictable and customizable. We leverage a best-in-class, industry-leading onboarding platform, which allows us to engage with candidates throughout their recruitment journey — all while building our TP brand. Our ability to deliver over 100% of the demand for our clients has become our competitive advantage.

I am proud to thrive in a workplace culture that values diversity and inclusion. At Teleperformance in the USA, we foster safe spaces where our employees can express themselves as they are, regardless of race, gender, or background. We have six employee resource groups that amplify the voices of our employees: Asian@TP, Black@TP, LatinX@TP, TP Pride, VERG (Veterans and Emergency Responders), and TP Women.

We also spearheaded various social responsibility initiatives that enrich the experiences of our employees. We give back to our local communities, take care of the planet, and envision a better and fairer world for all.

In 2022, our employees donated an impressive $3.5 million through payroll contributions, cash donations, and in-kind gifts. I am grateful to our employees for giving 3,800 hours of their time and giving back to the communities where they work and live through Teleperformance’s corporate social responsibility efforts such as Citizen of the World and Citizen of the Planet.

Without further ado, please join me in this wonderful TP Open Doors installment featuring our site at El Paso, Texas in the USA! Click here to watch the video.

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