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Since 1998, Teleperformance in Brazil has grown to become one of the leading companies in the country. Always adapting and evolving, our operations in Brazil continue to be marked by innovation and continuous improvement in order to reinforce our position as a trusted partner in global digital business services. 


Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, and the largest in Latin America. It’s no surprise the country is filled with potential. Teleperformance in Brazil is committed to the well-being and happiness of employees. We are proud to be Great Place to Work®-certified in the last 13 years. We have also been recognized for our diversity, equity, social responsibility, and employee engagement initiatives have been recognized, such as our Social Badge for Everyone program, available at Teleperformance in Brazil for all candidates and employees when filling out their registration forms. 

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Doing our part

TP in Amazônia Project

The TP in Amazônia Project contributed to reforestation efforts in Brazil, further supporting riverside, Indigenous, and rural communities. The project donated nine acres of seedlings to reforest the rainforest and three libraries with 900 books.

Cool spaces made available to all employees

TP Gaming Arena

We have +20 Wellness initiatives to support our employees, such as Health Week, the Amazônia Reforestation Project, and the Gaming Arena. Established in 2021, the Gaming Arena is the home of fun and games for our employees in Brazil.

A commitment to our employees

More fun for our people

At Teleperformance in Brazil, we are committed to the well-being and happiness of our teams. Our site in Brazil offers recreational spaces and areas that aim to provide great experiences to our employees. 

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