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5 Ways To Enhance CX with Social Media

Teleperformance - 04.11.2018

Social media remains an integral part of any business’ success. And, while businesses today should absolutely be utilizing these channels for an improved and better user experience for their customers, it’s time to move past thinking about the social platforms and base the business strategies with the sole angle of customer acquisition. Digital platforms are directly responsible for building a strong brand presence and is resulting in higher engagement with its customers.

Here are 5 ways to enhance CX with Social Media to boost Customer Experience:

1. Right Engagement:

It is imperative for brands today to not bombard the audience with too much information. Achieving the right balance between the overflow of information and keeping the audience informed is vital for the success of an organization. Apart from the frequency of posts, it is important to understand that the information shared through social media should be of value. The fundamental is to avoid getting overboard.



2. Right Customer Experience:

Using the digital medium as the problem solving platform will provide a seamless experience to the customers. Whether it is apologizing to an angry customer or appreciating the positive feedback by a user, being active and acknowledging the comments and feedback will position the organization in the league of brands that walk the talk.



3. Acknowledgement:

Being aware of the brand’s influencers is a must as they are the ones impacting the digital analytics in a big way. Acknowledging and rewarding the brand loyalists help the organization go a long way in creating and uplifting the brand’s image that puts CX above everything else.



4. Understanding Customer Data:

Creating a database of the social media users with analytics based on age group, digital behavior, gender, and other available information will help determine their activities and usage patterns. Understanding this pattern can help a brand understand the audience activities, and help improve the user experience by customizing the services and products.



5. Platform Focused Approach:

Treat different platforms differently. Understanding each social media platform and responding to the customer accordingly can help an organization improve the overall customer journey. For example, customer response over Facebook needs to be different and optimized from the response over twitter.


Along with the above 5 ways, before putting together a social media strategy to improve the customer experience it is vital to understand the customer journey through the eyes of the customer. It is crucial to recognize how, when and where i.e. on which platform the audience interactions are the highest and then base the social media stratagem to enhance, build or augment the customer experience in a positive manner.

At Teleperformance, we make sure that each customer interaction counts and we believe that Customer Experience is more than just service; with the prime focus to provide an exceptional service to our 1st customers i.e. our Employees which helps us deliver that extra bit to our clients and their customers. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below or contact us to know how to be the leader in seamless customer experience.

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Contributor: Neha Sethi @nehacsethi

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