BPO Customer experience

BPO Customer experience

Teleperformance - 10.10.2016

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has become an essential tool for companies that want to improve service and efficiency for their customers. The BPO market in India is a powerhouse, constantly improving and growing. A highly skilled, English-speaking workforce gives the country a competitive advantage.

India has been an important location for BPO services for 25 years. That kind of experience is extremely rare. Over that time, the Indian government has invested heavily to ensure that the industry flourishes. Other benefits, like the highly educated workforce and decreasing price of telecom costs, just add to the advantages the country holds in this sector.

Teleperformance has worked in the Indian BPO sector for the past fifteen years. We have differentiated ourselves by hiring the best, most highly skilled people, serving domestic and global markets. We have the capacity for over 7,000 workstations and can operate in eleven languages.

That’s not all, though. We also make sure that we create the right processes and use the latest technology, to ensure that back-office and front office processes are seamless. Teleperformance in India’s non-metro site strategy for BPOs can save clients 25-40% on cost. And, we have the most sophisticated security protocols, on which all of our staff are trained, to ensure that you and your customers are protected.

Our experience in India, combined with our outstanding processes and security, has delivered fantastic results for our clients. To learn more about BPO in India, and how Teleperformance can partner with you to make your business more efficient, take a look at our new white paper.

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