Content is king–moderators & curators are its army!

Teleperformance - 03.08.2019

With over 4.39 billion internet users across the globe commenting on fashion, politics, sports, business, transformation, and everything that is disruptive in the current ecosystem, the amount of data being added to the digital platforms is increasing faster than the blink of an eye!

Improving CX for the digital citizens

Human minds reside in the digital homes on internet as much as they are present in the real world today. Hence their experience and interaction with brands in the digital space is as crucial to the overall brand customer experience. One of the key aspects of improving the digital customer experience is by managing the brand reputation online in an increasingly open world, as what your users see and interact with on your brand’s digital homes shapes their overall brand experience. More so for digital marketplaces, eCommerce brands and social platforms like Facebook, Amazon, Vimeo, and YouTube which are entirely dependent on the internet ecosystem, increasing their liability for the user posted content hosted on their platforms. Therefore, content moderation and right content curation is the need of the hour for uprooting the problems posed by inappropriate user-generated content well ahead of time.

Aligned to the needs of the changing dynamics of online content environment, Teleperformance in India has been using a high-tech, high-touch approach in providing intuitive content moderation and curation services to multiple brands globally.

Case in point for our unique approach:

  • We have been helping a leading global web services provider for over four years in creating a market advantage through multiple back-office content management programs. We do this by creating a robust moderation mechanism for the client’s web platforms where users are allowed to post content and comment on the company generated news or articles. After using AI and content moderation tools as a first level of defense for ensuring speed, we add the human expertise as a final step to determine grey areas to make the final decisions on the appropriateness of the content. For example, content flagged by the system is passed onto content moderators, they vet it based on pre-defined rules and approve or disapprove for online posting. This high tech high touch approach, allows us to help the clients streamline their content analysis, classification and reactive moderation streams along with offering a 99% accuracy rate, improving the overall customer experience.
  • For another U.S. based short-video social networking platform, our content moderation experts deliver service of scale, reviewing up to 40 videos per hour with over 98% accuracy rate using AI and manual intervention in harmony.

This further strengthens our belief that efficient solutions are delivered when humans and machine interact well with each other at every stage, making a high-tech, high-touch approach crucial in creating the perfect customer experience.

We deliver empathy, experience, and expertise with innovation, technology, and security to make things simpler for our clients while keeping up with the latest trends in the industry.

Using technology to assist humans, not the other way around

Content moderation can get daunting coming across disturbing content at times, hence a key skill requirement for the protectors of the internet—the content moderators—is resiliency. At Teleperformance in India, we focus on and promote employee resilience by protecting our front line using:

  • Predictive selection model
  • Education and nesting
  • Psychological support
  • Healthy work environment

Because we believe that happy employees = happy customers

While the growing relationship between content curators and AI has been a boon for companies to advance their services, we see technology as an enabler and not vice versa. Being a people-centric service provider, one of the key focus areas for Teleperformance in India is to provide high level of support to our employees who stitch the perfect experience for customers using empathy, active listening, and compassion.

To enable this, we run weekly employee engagement programs to minimize work-related stress and promote harmony and team building. Another important initiative we run globally is our Passion4U program focused on employee wellness, and health related camps and workshops wherein we conduct regular free of cost health check-ups and work-life balance workshops to promote a higher quality of life for our employees.

By offering our employees the support they need, we ensure they have a healthy body and a healthy mind to best utilize the technological support at hand, something content moderation mandates.

That is why our distinctive approach of balancing technology and people contact to build a perfect experience for the customers, is recognized globally. The most recent recognition being the award for Best Content Moderation Services by the Asia Outsourcing Congress. This award reaffirms our trust in our team of the largest multicultural and multilingual talent enabled by advanced Analytics and Automation capabilities.

If you are looking to take advantage of our state of the art content moderation solutions to cater to your brand’s content related needs, visit our website or click to connect.

Contributor: Neha Sethi @nehacsethi

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