Creating Delightful Omnichannel Experiences

Teleperformance - 04.22.2019

2018 was defined by disruptive, digital transformations and emergence of tech advents, evolving the industry to a new “human +technology” landscape. Cloud communications and virtual agents were on the forefront of everyone’s minds, and social media was more important than ever.

2019 is shaping up to be the year of strategic thinking: better analytics, more intentional social media conversations, and innovative ways to involve artificial intelligence.

Having said that, the human warmth and empathy will continue to reign paramount in providing outstanding customer experience. It is hardly surprising then that 75% consumers expect a consistent experience wherever they engage, and 87% think brands need to do more to provide a seamless experience. As the gap between product features across brands continues to narrow down, our focus is to consistently create delightful customer experiences as the next differentiating competitive advantage, by bringing together and balancing the disruptive technologies layer with a human layer. At Teleperformance in India we call this the “high-tech, high-touch” approach.

Our ability to adapt to changing times and disruption, thanks to continual upskilling by team members at all levels enables us to deliver a highly transformative value proposition to clients across industries, including solutions that help personalize customer experience, reduce risks, and increase opportunities for growth.

People Connecting with People

Customer interactions today take place on multiple channels. By the time customers connect with the contact center, they have usually already started their journey online.They are so used to living in a connected world that they expect to be able to connect with businesses just as easily without losing context along the way. This kind of seamless interaction across technologies is the key to great omnichannel experiences.

The most critical aspect of this whole experience is the “human” link – our people who are digitally social, empathetic, and capable of building a strong customer relationship with the intelligent use of technology. While AI-powered conversational agents can address up to 80% of commonly asked Tier 1 support questions, escalations can be effectively managed by our trusted advisors who are multi-skilled across channels. These brand ambassadors are not only empathetic, but are very much the true issue resolvers, who ensure seamless customer interactions along each step of their journey.

With a keen emphasis on technologies that provide the omnichannel customer experience, communication, collaboration, and intelligent information management, we are at the very center of value creation and focus on what matters most: happy customers via amazing experiences. While we continue to fuel the digital innovation both internally within Teleperformance in India and in our client engagements, we are also aware that each interaction matters. And so, we are augmenting our people processes and building a team of global denizens who embrace the wave of digital transformation and the philosophy of customer service excellence via high-tech and high-touch.

Want to know more? Connect with us to experience the magic of ‘Empathetic and High-Tech + High-Touch’.

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