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Teleperformance - 07.04.2017

A good deed lasts forever. Not only does it gives you a sense of being a change-maker, it also helps the less fortunate improve their lives. As responsible individuals, we are driven towards bringing a positive change in the society but often, that demands a lot of effort and time from our busy schedules.

At Teleperformance, we try and include social service as a part of our employees’ regular lives, making it easy for all to contribute to the cause they support and make a difference. We feel that at arm’s distance employees are any business’ first customers, who have the power to influence and transform the entire business ecosystem.

Aligned to our 5Ps culture wherein PEOPLE the first P, drives Passion, Purpose and Pride to achieve unmatchable Performance, we believe that impossible is nothing. The philosophy ensures we get maximum participation from our people, giving and sharing their time and resources to extend support and enable others in the society.

Through our Citizens of the World (COTW) initiative, we try to bring about a definitive change and touch the lives of underprivileged people across the globe. In India, in addition to contributing personal time, our employees voluntarily donate INR 25-100 every month from their salaries to realize the dream of an educated society. While it may seem like a small amount, combined with time we spend with these children and raise and donate funds to uplift them, the effort goes far in enabling these people and the society.

A small pebble can make ripples across the ocean

Through the COTW program, we were fortunate enough to raise upwards of USD 4.8 million in cash and in-kind donations in the last decade, globally. This is the kind of impact 217,000 Teleperformers have inspired worldwide. Teleperformance in India joined this journey right from the beginning in January 2006, supporting the cause for a rightful dream of education of the underprivileged children.

The drive initiated in Gurgaon by partnering with an NGO – Literacy India, run local school. Our 10 year long association with this cause and the school have been spearheaded by Capt. Indrani Singh’s commendable efforts in inspiring young lives towards a shining future and it makes us beam with pride to stand shoulder to shoulder with her. Two of the Literacy India students Sonia and Tafrez are achieving innumerable strides in their careers today. Click on the video icon below to hear their experiences:


Our partnership with Sakhi Bal Seva Samiti School in Jaipur is another success story wherein we have pledged to support the education, mid-day meals, and infrastructure of the school, setup and operated by Sunita Yadav. A 22-year-old lady has been engaged in providing free education to approximate 250 underprivileged children for over 8 years. Sunita’s passion is enigmatic and infectious, helping make a life changing impact for these children and their families as they influence their entire society to create a ripple of change.

At Indore, the partnership involves voluntary monetary contributions, monthly activities, and celebrations with the children like the other cities where Teleperformance is present. Last year, we also assisted the school in arranging basic studying infrastructure like desks, chairs, computers to improve the environment and aid learning for the kids.

As a company, we feel privileged to be associated with this cause and social organizations and salute their endeavors along with our 11,500+ employees in India who are passionately engaged in this journey with the kids. Here’s a snapshot of the efforts this committed team has been able to achieve, take a look.

COTW India 2016 Infographic

Empathy creates sustained value for everyone

Being a part of the COTW initiative has helped us mature into a global force for good and appreciate the little things in life as an establishment. Community service for us is not charity but the right way to do business and has a strong business case towards realizing a purpose driven workforce. Social alignment has helped our business in realizing:

    • A sense of PURPOSE in our employees that resulted in LOW ATTRITION
    • A company culture that works both ways, for COLLABORATIVE SUCCESS of the society and the organization
    • A learning environment on the ground for better RESOURCE UTILIZATION
  • A DREAM TEAM that makes a real difference in the world and is ENGAGED & PASSIONATE
  • An EFFICIENT & SMARTER organization, influencing the community towards change

As leaders in CSR, Teleperformance has fully committed itself to serve, not only our clients, but our communities by believing in the power of the individual effort that can help give back to the society in a big way. One Person. One Cause. At a time. ARE YOU ALSO INSPIRING IMPACT? We’d love to hear how. Comment below.

Visit us at: www.teleperformance.in

Contributor: Neha Sethi @nehacsethi

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