Elevating the Customer Experience Through Digital Transformation

Neha Sethi - 08.07.2020

I think it’s safe to say that we now live in an era of the “on-demand economy.” And for all service industries, success lies in meeting the “right now” demands of modern customer engagement. The key here is effective, real-time communication — not just a business buzz phrase but an indispensable business tool that has a clear and critical impact on an organization’s bottom line. At Teleperformance, we understand the importance of immediacy in customer service and information exchange, and it is an underlying principle at the core of all our CX and digital solutions. We deliver faster global response times across industry verticals and services to help client processes become less deterministic and more responsive in unimaginable ways, thanks to the intelligent application of a multitude of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.

One such platform is TP Connect, an in-house app-based mobility solution that offers key company updates, thought leadership articles, webinars, global services, and capabilities. Another one is TP Pulse, which empowers businesses with real-time KPI performance reporting. TP Pulse enables existing Operations teams and clients to view operational performance for critical SLAs/KPIs on-the-go via an intuitive UI design. As we continue to reinvent and re-imagine client processes from scratch to create self-adapting, self-optimizing “living processes” that embrace the High-Tech and High-Touch, TP Connect, TP Pulse, and many other cutting-edge automation solutions that perfectly balance the seamless interplay of people and technology.

The value proposition and benefits of TP Connect and TP Pulse help drive the “online consumption model” for businesses by connecting machines and humans for highly effective information exchange. They provide real-time access to business updates and operational metrics on-the-go on a mobile device in a single, intuitive interface while truly embracing the anytime-anywhere access of business-critical data and eliminating manual dependency. These attributes are now vital for businesses across the globe more than ever, as the world realigns and organizations readjust to the new setup during and post-COVID-19. Data comparison, analytics, and customized reporting help manage globally dispersed operations, while LOBs, processes, and time periods with ready access to clients and leaders ensure business continuity and decision-making. Additionally, all our digital solutions are equipped with best-in-class operational and security processes to ensure customer data is secure at all times.

Teleperformance is at the helm of this digital disruption and houses the center of excellence for digital capabilities and transformation. We develop and provide intelligent, context-aware, and self-sustainable AI and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions for Teleperformance clients globally, helping them achieve their automation goals via the High-Tech approach. This is complemented by our High-Touch focus on empathy, the human ability to empathize and personalize every interaction while utilizing the benefits of digital technology.

Today, our clients worldwide and across industry verticals benefit from our digital solutions that drive enterprise agility and help deliver outstanding customer engagement with greater speed and efficiency by creating simpler, faster, better, safer, and more cost-effective business processes.(Click here to read more about TP Connect and TP Pulse).

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