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Employee Experience The mantra to success in the New World Order

Neha Sethi - 06.02.2016

Customer Experience is the most pressing mandate for companies today.
As the competition grows fierce, it is a matter of hours for companies to replicate an innovation or a new technology in the digital age. What really makes a difference is the way a customer interacts & connects with a brand, making “Service” the real differentiator.

Majority of businesses believe that they provide exceptional customer service but studies show that not even half their customers agree. While companies across the globe spend trillions of dollars understanding & positively influencing customer behavior, a 1,000 times less is being directed towards the internal customers (employees) & their experiences.

Customer Service means: PEOPLE (Employees) interacting with PEOPLE (Customers)
The employees, engaging with the customers, are the voice of the brand and have to mirror their values to create a better Customer Experience. Yet, they are the most overlooked aspect of the brand.

Time to change!
Investment in PEOPLE = Happy Workforce = Better Customer Experience = Higher C.Sat

At Teleperformance, we believe that Customer Experience warrants more than just service; our focus on creating a great place to work for our employees first helps us deliver that extra bit to our clients and their customers. Being in a business done by PEOPLE & for PEOPLE, our formula, while we interact with more than 38% of the world population, is simple:

“Happy employees make happy customers, which makes happy clients, and happy shareholders.”


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Contributor: Neha Sethi @nehacsethi

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