Equality Fuels Excellence: The power of inclusivity in organizations

Equality Fuels Excellence: The power of inclusivity in organizations

Teleperformance India - 10.27.2023

Workplace equality has transcended its role as a mere “good-to-have” policy and has risen to prominence in propelling organizations to true excellence. Equality isn’t just a matter of ensuring everyone gets a fair shot; it’s a strategic imperative that fuels a sense of belongingness and, hence, extraordinary performance.

Equal Opportunities for All: The road to success

When organizations champion equality and provide equal opportunities to their employees, they nurture a culture that welcomes diverse perspectives. Each employee, regardless of their background, age, ethnicity, or gender, brings a unique set of experiences and insights to the team. In such cultures, people feel empowered to voice their ideas and to enhance their ability to contribute.

The connection between workplace equality and employee satisfaction is undeniable. When employees feel a sense of purpose, knowing that they are part of an organization that stands for fairness and equity.

In addition to its positive impact on workplace dynamics, workplace equality offers a compelling business case. Organizations that prioritize equality are better positioned for long-term success by attracting the industry’s top talent.

Moreover, a workplace that champions equality enhances its employer brand. It sends a powerful message to clients, partners, and investors that the organization values fairness and equity. This reputation can be a significant asset in building trust and establishing fruitful relationships.

Teleperformance in India: An exemplar of equal opportunity for everyone

At Teleperformance (TP) India, fostering a culture of inclusivity isn’t merely a commitment; it’s a fundamental principle that underpins our success as a “Great Place to Work.”

We believe that it is human empathy and the acceptance of the differences of our vast and diverse workforce that build a strong case for our unparalleled business services and exceptional customer interactions every single time. We endeavor to provide all our people with equal work and growth opportunities, transcending geographical boundaries, age, gender, culture, and personal preferences.

As an equal opportunity employer, our goal is to create a gender-smart workforce and an inclusive leadership culture across the organization. Our initiatives to drive equal opportunity are both comprehensive and far-reaching:

  1. Creating Safe Spaces: We aim to establish safe and compliant spaces for individuals from all walks of society — working mothers, veterans, LGBTQ+ communities, people with disabilities, etc. These spaces provide equal access to advanced opportunities, ensuring all employees can thrive.
  2. Sourcing and Social Partnerships: Collaborating with social institutions and community sources is integral to TP India’s DEI strategy. These partnerships ensure that we stay updated with the possibilities and challenges of the communities, helping us create more impactful campaigns for them while fostering an equal and diverse culture within the organization.
  3. TP Women: TP Women is a dedicated initiative focusing on equal opportunities and empowerment for women at TP. It celebrates their achievements and advances women’s career growth prospects. This initiative extends its impact beyond the organization through participation in global efforts like the Women Economic Forum (WEF).
  4. The Homecoming (Return-to-Work): This program is designed to bring individuals with career breaks back into the workforce by prioritizing skills over career gaps. We provide these employees with a dedicated support structure, including wellness sessions, flexible working hours, learning assistance, etc., to help them restart their professional journeys confidently.
  5. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): These groups are pivotal in achieving diversity and inclusion goals. They offer necessary assistance and guidance, career growth opportunities, and awareness of the most relevant employee issues — a fundamental step in building lasting relationships within the teams and with external communities.

For us at Teleperformance India, the journey towards creating equal access and growth opportunities for our people is ongoing, and our commitment to empowering employees is unwavering. Our accomplishments in promoting equality and excellence within our workforce have already been recognized at numerous award forums, such as the Athena Awards, which celebrate and support women leaders.

Our most recent recognition as a “Gold Rank for Equal Opportunity Employer” at The International CSR Excellence Awards 2023 is a testament to our dedication to creating an environment where all employees have equal opportunities to thrive. By championing equality in organizations, not only do we drive progress in the workplace but also strengthen our position as a global leader while paving the way for a more inclusive future.

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