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Teleperformance - 11.23.2018

Life is all about finding the balance, whether it is the sync between our personal and professional lives, or as brands, maintaining the equilibrium between technology and human touch for our customers.

The human touch: noun; is a friendly and pleasant way of treating other people that makes them feel relaxed. Source: Cambridge Dictionary

Isn’t that what companies do? We maintain the human touch with technology to create happy experiences. And help optimize businesses that bring about a positive change in the way this world functions.

In any business, Humans – serve – Humans and while we all want speedy and long lasting resolutions to our problems, as emotive beings we can’t trade respect for speed or trust for progress.

As the global leader in Omnichannel Customer Experience, Teleperformance believes in the power of being HUMAN first. Humans are highly sensitive and sensible species who thrive on trust, respect, and care. We try to manage the right balance between technology and care, for delivering exceptional CX.

Developing Transformation Strategies: Teleperformance Digital Integrated Business Services

Albert Einstein famously quoted, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” And it has often been a topic of contention if technology is killing the human imagination or enhancing it?

Connecting the biggest brands on the planet with their customers for over four decades, we have evolved into an instinctive enterprise with the right balance between the latest ‘High Tech’ capabilities including AI, Advanced Analytics, Robotic Process Automation and Digitization that guarantee success for our clients. And our reputable ‘High Touch’ approach with being a #GenderSmart workplace. We understand that more than 50% of world consumers are women and having them equally represented on the customer service side aligns us with the rich behavioral sensitivity and empathy as a service provider.

Technology Enables Extraordinary CX

High Tech High Touch is also one of the key strategies behind Teleperformance Digital Integrated Business Services solution which is our consolidated offering pioneering Technology Innovation and Digital Transformation services. We understand the need to evolve and upskill ourselves as an organization and our people in capabilities disrupting our world at present in general and our industry in particular.

Teleperformance India is focused on developing transformation strategies that enrich customer experience, improve efficiency, reduce costs of support and explore new opportunities.

Our investment in Digital and new technologies including Analytics, Intelligent Automation, Artificial Intelligence and RPA strengthened by the power of our Non-Metro Solution has significantly helped our clients optimize costs while improving the customer’s experience and the perception of the brand in the market.

With Teleperformance India our suite of services is future ready for your business to grow, lead and look forward. Click here to get in touch with us or connect with us online:
Authored by: Neha Sethi @nehacsethi

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