How Content Moderation Helps Improve Digital Trust & Safety

How Content Moderation Helps Improve Digital Trust & Safety

Nandini Alagar - 11.09.2022

The Internet and social media have changed the world. Albeit being an integral part of people's lives and a blissful paradise for modern marketers, it also has its dark side. In 2022, research by Hootsuite states that around 4.62 billion users are active on social media worldwide, which is projected to reach 6 billion by 2027. Marketers and businesses flock to social platforms in the hope of connecting with their target customers, creating a content overload. Huge chunks of user-generated content (UGC) are generated every minute and there is a huge possibility all of it could be false. Although the increase of user-generated content is one of the main drivers of market expansion, invalidated content produced by B2B marketers for customer engagement is negatively impacting customer experience, which further increases the need for content moderation to ensure online safety.

Recommendations to implement Content Moderation Practices

Content moderation is a business ethics issue, it has challenged the ideal of absolute free speech on social media. Content moderation is about helping businesses in improving the user experience by maintaining the brand reputation and credibility for the businesses as well as for the followers. While social networks can be breeding ground for obnoxious and restricted content, hate speech, bullying and fake news, content moderation can be improved effectively with in-house strategies, to keep social networks safe and fun for everyone.

  • Setting rules and a social media policy can help protect your business from any potential legal liabilities, by allowing employees to use social media in a way that is consistent with your company’s values and by ensuring employees understand the consequences of violating the policy.
  • Developing a content strategy that aligns with the business goals, on how to create and manage content. Plan the content to be created along with a publishing calendar, who will be the creator of content and how it will be distributed. A robust strategy will ensure your content is helping you increase brand awareness and generate organic leads.
  • Staying organized by designating a Content Manager can prevent random unwanted posts or articles. Having a process in place for reviewing and approving submissions before being published will ensure legitimate and high-quality content is published on your social network.

Examples & Statistics around implementation of Content Moderation Practices

Content moderation was never designed to handle billions of users. Facebook has over two billion users who watch a collective 100 million hours of video and upload over 350 million photos in an average day. YouTube has 300+ video content uploads every minute. Instagram receives over 95 million photo uploads, and Twitter has over 500 million tweets posted every day. it is impossible for human moderators to scrutinize each piece of content before its uploaded. Furthermore, the risk of constantly exposing human moderators to distressing content can make manual moderation significantly unpleasant. Organizations are adopting technologically advanced methods such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnologies as content moderation solutions, to increase the operational efficiency. The increasing popularity of content moderation services is due to their cost-efficient services, real-time reporting and capability to provide customized and accurate solutions. Organizations today are leveraging AI & ML as the logical progression for automated content moderation.

AI uses a variety of ML techniques to make content predictions for text content, such as Natural language processing (NLP) to identify unfavorable language for removal; Sentiment analysis to identify tones such as blasphemy, sarcasm, hate and anger; Object Character Recognition (OCR) can identify textual content within an image and moderate that as well; Knowledge Base for processing known information to make predictions on fake news or identify common scams. For images and video content AI uses analytical techniques such as Object Detection to identify target objects, like nudity, in images and videos that don’t meet platform standards; Screen Understanding a smart analysis tool used in computers to understand the context of what’s happening in a scene, to drive more accurate decision-making. Online enterprises also adopt User Reputation Technology to identify trustworthy content by categorizing users with history of posting spam or explicit content and apply greater scrutiny to their every post. It also combats fake news. Most common content that can be moderated automatically with the help of AI are, Abusive Content, Adult Content, Profanity and Fake & Misleading Content. Although artificial intelligence (AI) enables online enterprises to scale faster and optimize their content moderation, it does not eliminate the need for human intervention, who still provide ground level intelligence for accuracy.

Outsource Your Content Moderation needs to Teleperformance

Social media makes a significant impact on societies, shaping trends, fueling businesses, and spreading the right news. Increasing pressure on social media and growing demand for content moderation is forcing online enterprises to invest heavily on content moderation solutions and has caused many social media platforms to reach out to outsourcing service providers. Positive customer engagements across all content platforms are key to success of the business. Organizations are appraising content moderation outsourcing to maintain good reputation, improve site traffic and search engine rankings organically. Content moderation outsourcing has proven to be a cost-effective option when compared to maintaining an in-house team of content moderators that requires time, skilled workforce, infrastructure, and enormous capital. Outsourced services provide dedication and professionalism to always maintaining brand image and end user security. Identify your business needs and the outsourcing partner does the rest.

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