India is the Global FFF winner, once again!

Neha Sethi - 12.30.2014


Team India is delighted and proud at emerging Global winners (in Dance Category) at Teleperformance for Fun Festival for the second time in a row.

We are very excited for Disha and Kavish. Their hard work, long hours after work, taxing practice schedule got us here, but we are also really upbeat about the entire team play that made this win possible. A lot of unyielding determination on each one’s part truly helped us win.

The idea of the entire activity is to boost spirited competition and bring forward that rib-kicking energy to deliver a stupendous event collectively. Kudos that this is the cultural thread at TP India!

The preparations for Fun Festival 2014 were a Gala affair in India, the semi-finals and national finals were marked with a lot of pomp, show, and gaiety.  The teams took individual responsibility for the event to conclude amidst a lot of galore; and a lot of night’s efforts and undying support from all members delivered the finale on a really high note with the state of the art décor, music and arrangements.

August until October, there was a flood of creativity in the form of art, posters, dances, one-acts, music and music theatrics. Employee Care team went strong digitally this time! As a breakthrough innovation, we assisted all participants to simultaneously upload their performance videos on YouTube and encouraging the rest 5,000 to actively vote for these 251 entrees across Gurgaon, Indore, and Jaipur.

As a reward for not wasting any time, the total vote count reached 12,455 to select the leading 4 for the amidst the jaw-dropping performances in belly dancing, whacking, salsa with lifts, Tandav, Bhangra etc. The singers were no less stellar in their performance, and singing of Phantom of Oprah, Rock, Sufi, Classical, Bollywood, & billboard numbers.

Teleperformance India fosters creativity in each of its 5,000 strong team, with the same spirit.

We robustly nurture creativity, skills, potential along with a spirited positive attitude to enable each Teleperformer with powerful self-belief.

But, we can do it successfully since our employees have willingly aligned to Teleperformance culture. Brilliant! And Thank You!

We are proud and humbled to be able to retain an environment at work that is conducive to creativity and innovation.


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Contributor: Neha Sethi @nehacsethi

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