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Neha Sethi - 07.18.2016

It’s a very gratifying and proud moment for Teleperformance India, placed at the top position #1 in the BPO industry and ranked #4 overall among India’s 100 Best Workplaces 2016, in Great Place to Work® Institute study results announced last week.
(Rank 2015: #15)
This year has been a special one, with the Aon Global Best Employer Award coming in early this year was a huge encouragement for the teams’ effort and a moment of pride for all Teleperformers. We are proud to be the only BPO in the country to be recognized in the Global Category by Aon Best Employer Programme 2016. Now the #1 BPO Great Place to Work India ranking 2nd year in a row has left us brimming with more joy.

Congratulations Teleperformers!

At Teleperformance, we attribute our accomplishment to our people and culture. We believe our courage to attempt the different has helped gain a standing amongst industry veterans who have created a unique identity for themselves trudging away from the typical corporate culture. More than a decade back, we tried the same when we conducted an internal analysis to understand what our employees actually think about us – only to realize their perceptions were very different from what we assumed. However, our acceptance of the feedback brought forward a solution that we needed CHANGE. We re-wired our people practices in the direction of something we now swear by: Employee Experience = Customer Experience

Millennials today look for workplaces they can easily associate with, support and add value to; a culture that is closer to their desired one with values aligned with their own. This has been a significant driver of the talent hiring, on-boarding and retention in the changing times. The Business Process Outsourcing companies in specific are the most affected by this phenomenon, where over 90% of the employees are in this category.

Attrition is high in BPOs and there is no rocket science to understand the reasons behind it. Contact centers are grievance redressal hubs where people interact with people to find acceptable solutions in minimum timeframes, pressure and stress can be high. However, a culture where “happiness – inside out” is prime, positive chatter can outweigh concern. To take this philosophy forward, we believe in starting right.

At Teleperformance, we receive 13 job applications every minute. While reviewing these the focus on quality and fitment is prime, despite the volume and strict timelines. Every job description has a well-defined value assessment as the first check point, driven jointly by the recruitment teams (internal and external agencies) and other from the organization involved in the process.

We understand that fostering a work culture that people desire to experience is the only road to attract extraordinary people and people make us who we are. Last week’s recognition was an event we celebrated together and have us geared up for the next stride. The recognitions we have received have not only acknowledged our efforts to dare to care passionately for our people, but have placed us among the global trend-setters and echelons of the Great Places to Work globally, as we continue this journey of creating enhanced experience for our internal and external customers relentlessly.

We’d love to hear your experience of bringing about a change in your organization to achieve the “happiness inside out”. Remember to tweet us @connect2TP or leave us a comment below.


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Contributor: Neha Sethi @nehacsethi

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