IndiaSmart: Have you visited The New India?

#IndiaSmart: Have you visited The New India?

Neha Sethi - 07.10.2015

As the Modi administration completes its first year in office, I sit and read of all of the promises made versus the ones delivered, and the question arises – “can India be held back from making economic progress?”

With such a pro-business leader, who holds the baton of having increased employment, empowered entrepreneurship and strengthened global trade relations, I do believe India has arrived!

With regard to BPO, India holds great promise, as business processes outsourcing is set to increase from the current $20 billion to $50 billion in the next five years. India is home to 100 ‘smart’ cities with potential for business growth, 125 million English speakers, 30% of the world’s GenY, 5.3 million annual college graduates and a working age that comprises 60% of the country, all assets that make Indians perfect candidates to become active customer service champions.

Teleperformance India saw this opportunity back in 2007 and expanded business from Gurgaon to Indore and Jaipur when over 90% of domestic business was being delivered from “metro” cities. By 2012, 90% of domestic business had shifted across India to these non-metro cities (not for Tier II, however –  these cities are as big as Chicago or Paris)—offering high-quality services at very competitive prices. Having extended this approach to the offshore business, my company has already delivered over three million production hours in the last two years, servicing one of the biggest global brands in the world, across channels like Voice, Email, Chat, Social Media.

The new India I am talking about is not limited to the metro cities anymore. Rather,  these 100 cities scattered across the country offer young, energetic, smart and hyper-connected digital users who connect on Facebook and WhatsApp, shop online and use Twitter  to have their concerns addressed by service providers.

For all of you who might carry an old image of India but have never visited, here is our small attempt at familiarizing you with the new India. Take a look and tell me what you think.



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