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#IndiaSmart: How do we excel talent in Teleperformance in India?

Neha Sethi - 09.04.2014

Unlike computers in the IT industry, or machinery in production, the BPO industry is entirely made of skills and merit of its people; that is, of the resources it hires and trains; our people charter the growth for us!

The last 12 years have witnessed the Indian BPO industry grow to $20 billion (Source: NASSCOM) with over 1 million people employed directly (Source: NASSCOM)—90% of these 1 million are at an average age of 25 years and they come from varied educational backgrounds, it is their attitude to make it big that counts!

This pool that is talented, young, aware and technologically much advanced than any of its successors. This gamut of –grooming-with each experience-young people interacts and engages directly with the customers from the very start, supporting them and helping create one’s brand’s reputation. This necessitates the need to invest in and nurture them.

Here lies the enigma for the Human Resource function in BPOs– absolutely diverse and dissimilar to the same function in other industries. We do not hire a specialized skillset, we nourish and carve it, and that’s why this practice called Human Resource Management transforms into to Talent Excellence.

It is not merely changing the name of the function; BPOs really are the frontrunners at creating talent for all the other industries too!

At Teleperfomance India, we do not manage human resources; we acquire, develop and retain talent. Each Talent Excellence team leader comes from an operational background, having walked an agent’s path he/she realizes the sore of the shoe firsthand! That is quite important, for it allows a clear understanding of the operational challenges and provides room for fruitful empathy towards the agents.

That is the reason how an 80+ wing can effortlessly steer a 5,000 member strong organization! The team has to have traversed all decks of the ship, right from engaging with the customers over the phone, assessing the quality of customer engagements to devising a strategy for upscale of the existing team.

Teleperformance India has been able to combat rapid attrition, maintaining under half the industry average (a big feat in the BPO industry space), purely because we join the dots between strategic HR practice and the real-time business performance metrics.

Foresight and pragmatic learning have helped us remain above the turf among competitors allowing us to become a Great place to work for our employees. Since, our understanding of a Great Place to work is where every employee gets a chance to prove his greatness of mind and that this greatness of each mind, every idea made welcome!

Amandeep Singh Arora leads the Talent Excellence team for Teleperformance India; 5000+ people from 3 locations and 4 sites across Gurgaon, Indore & Jaipur.


Contributor: Neha Sethi @nehacsethi

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