#IndiaSmart: Teleperformance in India ranked #4 across industries

#IndiaSmart: Teleperformance in India ranked #4 across industries

Teleperformance - 07.26.2016

I am glad to share the news of Teleperformance India’s top ranking in ‘India’s Best Companies to Work for’ study 2016, conducted by the Economic Times & Great Place to Work® Institute.

Featuring in this prestigious list of companies has been a humbling experience as we strive to create inspiring workplaces and a vibrant culture for our internal customers. As we strongly believe – “Employee Experience = Customer Experience”. 

Congratulations Teleperformers! 

Have you ever walked into an office & felt completely at ease? Where employees are happy with what they are doing & their happiness is infectious. That, we believe, is a Great Place to Work!

In the contact centre business, more than 90% of our workforce consists of MILLENIALS creating customer experience for brands across the globe. People don’t call up the customer care centers to wish “Happy New Year”, they call up for getting a quick fix for their issues or problems. Stress levels can be high in such situations, therefore taking good care of the internal customers is equally important. This goes a long way in controlling avoidable pressures thereby ensuring employees serve the customers with care.

At Teleperformance, we assess and re-assess our people practices to unify our people under the common set of values we believe in – a culture of care and empathy through:

Creating A Good Experience through a dedicated internal call center for employee care.

Chief Experience Officer – that’s what our CEO at Teleperformance likes his role to be defined as. Taking ownership of employee experience as his first job.

Few years back, we re-wired our HR function to focus on Talent Excellence to deliver best in class service to our internal & external customers.

Each employee is either a Service Provider or a Service User from top down in the organization. Free from the concept of entitlements that restrains individual growth & learning.

Broadcast communication is converted into bespoke Omnichannel communication (similar to what we offer to our clients). 5+ employee communication/care channels are extravagantly utilized with a well-defined escalation matrix.

We’re #GenderSmart having pledged for Gender Parity and equal representation of men and women across the organization.

Self-Appraisals, wherein we use visible ‘monthly scorecards’ to support performance based key metrics making the process real-time and transparent. This helps there is no debate about hits and misses only once, at the end of the year.

80% of our mangers’ working time goes into coaching & developing their immediate team members, building skills and comfort level between teams.

Nurturing passion & creative ambitions of our employees through For Fun Festival, Sports Leagues global competitions which recognizes best talents at regional & global level.

We pride ourselves being a LISTENING heavy organization as we dare to care passionately for our people.

Together, we earn great laurels!


Visit us at: www.teleperformance.in

Contributor: Neha Sethi @nehacsethi

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