It’s Time to Start Something New

Neha Sethi - 11.20.2020

When was the last time you tried something new? Remember the excitement on your first day in university or the eagerness to prove yourself at your new job?

Reading about a friend having completed her first Ironman caught me by surprise. Her story read, “… from being overweight to finishing a triathlon…” This got me making a mental list of my firsts. The first day at school, first job, first paycheck, first relationship, my firstborn, the first time I bought a car — you get the idea! I was glad I had a long list of firsts, but this was all so long ago, almost like another lifetime.

I realized that I missed the risk, the anxiety, and the joy of trying something new. Somewhere between professional, familial, and societal obligations, picking a new hobby or dedicating myself to learning something new just drifted away. Finding time for new experiences while working long hours, on top of full-time childcare and quadrupling responsibilities, was just too taxing. But as they say, if something is giving you sleepless nights, maybe it is worth it.

So, there I was, trying to learn inline skating! All geared up, I was taking baby steps with the help of my 10-year-old son. The fear of falling on my face or, worse, breaking a leg was real, but the excitement was contagious. A couple of bumps, trips, and bruises here and there, and voila, I could finally stride confidently, which made the process worth it. The joy I felt while skating, with the wind in my hair, cannot be expressed, and I finally had an answer. I tried something new, went out of my comfort zone, learned skating — and I absolutely loved it!

Looking back, although the process started with a simple question, it awakened a deep emotion that had vanished when other responsibilities began taking priority.

Like me, many of you must have swept opportunities for new experiences under the rug with an “I don’t have time for this right now” excuse. But come to think of it, making time for yourself should also be a priority. Being happy and at peace comes with focusing on yourself. And doing things that make you, YOU should not be shoved to the backburner.

Try something new — something you never thought you would ever have the time to do. It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby, create new goals, or even to re-invent yourself. Who knows, “too late” might actually be “just in time!”

So, I ask you — when was the last time you did something for the first time?


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