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One Purpose, Dream – We are Transforming Passion into Excellence

Neha Sethi - 12.06.2016

In a recent discussion, our MD asked us a simple yet intriguing question, “Sit back, relax and think: Why do you do what you do at Teleperformance?”

He was delving deeper into an individual’s purpose and how it connects with the organizations’. Through this simple exercise, he touched upon the idea that drives companies towards sustainable success – a common PURPOSE.


From revenue models to employee skill-sets, the entire business ecosystem is undergoing a sea change owing to digital transformation, leaving most of us confused and increasingly flying blind on strategy. As fear mongers on robots taking over the middle class leaving people jobless and unwanted, the human intrinsic factors and emotions give us hope. Purpose is one of them; something very close to our being.

In fact, Company Purpose is quickly becoming the buzzword in business forums lately, even so, that it found a credible place at the world economic forum this year. To put this into perspective, the latest study conducted by the Oxford University with EY shows that “public dialog on purpose has increased five-fold between 1995 and 2016.”

The traditional boundaries which existed between professional and personal lives are being redrawn. Many of us today are looking beyond income and profits, towards contributing more to the society, community and the world as a whole- defining a purpose for ourselves. At an organization level, this translates into more than the company’s vision and mission; into the force that strengthens the resolution to achieve that mission. It is also the unifying and guiding factor to take the right decisions even when no one is watching or instructing. To understand what it means at Teleperformance, I will take you back to the origin of our vision to make lives simpler for others which has been driving us ever since.



 Happiness Inside Out

In late 1970’s when Daniel Julien (our Group Chairman) started the company, he set the customer service ball rolling with a few rotary phones in Paris and in 1990, the company carried out the first customer satisfaction survey. This was what you’d call a modest beginning of a customer experience revolution. In 2015, Teleperformance, reported a consolidated revenue of $3.7 billion, firmly established as the worldwide leader in outsourced omnichannel customer experience management.

Our mission is to deliver an outstanding customer experience, at every single opportunity. Our purpose is to make the customers feel right and happy; it’s the reason why we do, what we do. This commitment to serve the end customer, whether it is the clients we work for or our internal customers- the employees, binds the 190,000 people at Teleperformance to achieve this mission and instill ownership to co-create happiness.

For us beyond productivity and revenues, leading and serving with purpose helps build an empathy centric culture that has helped attract, retain and nurture the right talent. Today, we operate at less than half the industry average on attrition in India, an industry where competition is particularly fierce on the talent side.

Teleperformance over years is increasingly being seen as the enabler to the industry growth owing to its exceptional customer experience at every single opportunity. Recognized as the #4 Best Company and #1 BPO to work for in India by Great Place to Work Institute, we are also recognized as the 2016 Industry Champions in India by Contact Center World which gives us a great honour to be seen as strong enablers for the contact center industry.

Learning from our experiences of interacting with over 38% of the world population at Teleperformance, we understand that to strive for excellence and to do more of what works, organizations of today need to focus more on the collaborative aspects of business and teams. Beginning with building a culture with a common purpose. Feel free to share your views, thoughts and your stories of commitment to build the right culture with a purpose that binds everyone together.


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Contributor: Neha Sethi @nehacsethi

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