Thank you Teleperformance for bringing the change we want to see

Neha Sethi - 05.24.2017

There is no shortage of great stories about great Moms. From the Mothers of the great Barack Obama, Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Narendra Modi, Kalpana Chawla, P V Sindhu, Indira Nooyi to your own Mom, there is one thing common in all – they are the backbone of what we are today. We are because they are.

From caring for even the smallest of scrapes to magically having the perfect solution to everything, our mothers have been by our side always. Our mother is our greatest teacher – a teacher of compassion, love, and fearlessness. While we treat our mother special every single day, Mother’s day is one day of the year to show her how immense and pure our love is for her.

At Teleperformance, womanhood and motherhood are not just a day’s celebration, we walk an extra mile every day to appreciate a woman’s mettle to bridge the gap between our notion of an “Ideal Mother” and “Ideal Worker.” Aligned to the vision of having a balanced gender ratio, Teleperformance is one of the first Contact Centers to have taken the #PledgeforParity and is determined to support women at every step. We respect these supermoms, #TPSupermom as we call them for their art of juggling time, energy and resources to give her best to both the families -work & home-and this was one day to make them feel extra special.

The #MyMomnMe and #TPSuperMom campaigns, along with the special and customized letters and gifts, made all the mothers feel proud and important on this Mother’s Day. The overwhelming response and enthusiastic participation of everyone in the organization is a testimony to the fact that we all appreciate and respect the women in our lives (personally & professionally).

We at Teleperformance believe taking the oath for parity is not a corporate social responsibility but there are compelling business reasons to do the same. Equal representation of men and women at the workplace makes us an even better place to work as we do not miss out on the potential women candidates which is the core to a successful business. The support and encouragement along with right opportunities without biases to strengthen the delicate ‘see-saw’ of career and family makes women employees, like me, proud to be associated with such an organization.

At Teleperformance, ‘W’ is for Women and ‘W’ is for Wonder. Believing that women are not only great mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts but great entrepreneurs, managers, writers, presidents, designers makes it a real #GenderSmart organization. Knowing that you are surrounded by a strong team that has undying faith in you and your dreams gives the push to achieve the extraordinary. The ecosystem here is such that the female employees are considered the pillar of strength of the Teleperformance family.

The changing time is witnessing the ones taking bigger and bolder steps to break the stereotypes and Teleperformance being a #GenderSmart company works toward providing more flexible workplaces, shift timings, transportation facilities and several health benefits that encourage and helps the employees to discover the extraordinary potential that they all have.

I take great pride to be associated with such an organization where women are celebrated, honored, valued and respected every single day. A big shout-out to the team Teleperformance for taking that extra step at every front to bring out that change we all want to see. Thank you, for giving us, all the women out here an opportunity to prove and discover ourselves every day.

Did you thank your organization, colleagues, friends, teachers, who trusted and believed in you at every step? It doesn’t take much to say Thanks! Does it?

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Contributor: Neha Sethi @nehacsethi

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