The Balancing Act at Teleperformance Championing More Women in Leadership

The Balancing Act at Teleperformance: Championing More Women in Leadership

Teleperformance India - 10.23.2023

More women on the table! The idea has come a long way from being viewed solely through the lens of gender equality in the business community. Corporations and organizations worldwide are realizing that championing more women in leadership positions is also a strategic imperative for success.

Bringing a broader range of viewpoints, women leaders lend diversity in thought and a more balanced approach to risk-taking, thereby enabling rational, cautious, and maybe even better decision-making processes. Their innate qualities of empathy, nurturing relations, and responsiveness too, make a compelling case for the critical role of women in leadership. It's a strategic move that positions organizations to reap the benefits of creativity, innovation, growth, and resilience, as well as ascertain long-term success in an increasingly competitive business landscape.

Teleperformance's Commitment to Women in Leadership

Being a global organization, Teleperformance (TP) understands that diversity in leadership isn't just a social responsibility—it's also about harnessing the full potential of a multicultural workforce. We recognize that fostering women's leadership potential requires more than just policies—it demands a cultural shift. Therefore, we actively work to create a collaborative environment where women are supported, respected, encouraged, and equipped with the skills needed to excel at workplace.

Our TP Women initiative seeks to address the challenges faced by women in the workplace, to empower them, and equip them with the tools and opportunities needed to prosper in their careers. This program focuses on leadership development, mentoring, networking, and skill-building, ensuring that women have an equal shot at top positions.

Through our Women Leading Change initiative, we emphasize gender diversity, equity, and inclusion in organizational leadership. For us, this initiative is a commitment to creating a work environment where more women have equal opportunities to thrive, mentor, and inspire their colleagues achieve the same.

We also believe that the allegiance to women empowerment initiatives extends far beyond the efforts of women alone and requires active engagement and support of everyone, regardless of gender. Our Men as Allies initiative exemplify this inclusive approach. The program encourages men within our organization to actively participate in and advocate for gender equality.  

Through meticulously designed awareness campaigns, workshops, and mentorship programs, we ensure that everyone at Teleperformance is aligned with our goal of taking proactive steps to attract, retain, and promote women employees to create a more #GenderSmart workforce. It's a testament to our belief that true progress requires the collective efforts of all individuals, regardless of gender, working together towards a more equitable future.

TP in India Recognized Among BEST ORGANIZATIONS FOR WOMEN, once again!

Teleperformance recognizes that diversity and inclusion aren't just policies; they are woven into the fabric of the company's culture. By empowering women employees, providing equal opportunities to grow, and celebrating their achievements, we aim to not only strengthen our position as a global leader but also lead the broader business community by example – an endeavor recognized by The Economic Times once again, recognizing TP as one of the Best Organizations for Women in India. This accolade is a testament to our unwavering passion towards fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment where women's contributions are valued and celebrated.

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