The Role of Business Process Management in India’s Rising Sector

Teleperformance - 03.24.2017

Over the years, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has been helping companies improve efficiency and service for their customers. With Teleperformance’s decades of experience in providing omnichannel solutions for businesses from all over the world, we have become the global leader in the BPO industry. We have numerous operations situated worldwide, including in India, which has shown great progress through the years, making its BPO sector a strong worldwide leader.

India’s large population composed of a talented, English-speaking workforce gives the country a competitive advantage. The BPO sector employs over 1 million people in India. The country’s experience in the industry is undeniable (25 years of experience as a center of BPO). It is now experiencing 10 percent annual growth with its government investing heavily in technology that keeps the $108-billion-per-year BPO sector running¹.

Pairing this with Teleperformance’s expertise in Business Process Management (BPM)—a methodical manner of controlling the business processes of organizations in order for them to run effectively and efficiently—will give companies that plan on pursuing a BPO strategy a huge edge.

Teleperformance has been operating in India since 2001. Last year, we were ranked as the #1 BPO in India the Great Place to Work® Institute for the second consecutive year. Our omnichannel solutions have helped numerous clients achieve exceptional results: a 100 percent increase in productivity, improved resolution rates, operational cost reductions, and a service level achievement rate of 100 percent.

Teleperformance’s sites in India are centrally located, making them accessible to public transportation, and strategically placed in non-metro areas. This allows our employees to save almost seven hours of commute time each week, which makes for more productive work hours, as well as more work-life balance opportunities that lead to happier employees. These factors can allow our clients to achieve significant cost savings.

Our diverse and customer-oriented workforce in India makes the difference, and provides services in 11 languages in domestic and international markets including the U.S., the U.K., EMEA, and APAC. In addition, we have the latest technology to ensure that back-office operations are efficient for our clients and we strategically design our products to enhance customer experience. Teleperformance currently handles back-office operations and programs for a variety of industries locally in India, and more than 200 programs globally.

Teleperformance has acknowledged the need to utilize BPM as a unified tool across all business processes, especially in back-office operations. In India, we have integrated technology with human-driven process improvements, and focused on developing process-centric and efficiency-enhancing investments for our back-office operations. Teleperformance in India has developed a more people-centric BPM approach for its back-office operations that has long helped enterprises strengthen corporate performance. We designed this style to manage process automation that uses modeling, execution, control, measurement, and optimization of business flows to ensure integration among business processes. To tailor BPM for customer satisfaction, we have created different kinds of solutions that incorporate a holistic technology and process and people-focused strategies to ensure an improved customer experience. Our improved processes made it easier to identify common issues hindering productivity, creating solutions for low First Call Resolution and back-office inefficiencies.

Companies that seek greater opportunities in the BPO industry should look at India, as the country offers a highly skilled workforce, government investment, and a rich history in the sector. Teleperformance has worked in India for fifteen years, emerging as the worldwide leader in customer experience management, and has developed BPM processes that resulted in more effective and cost-efficient organizations.

For more information on how your business can stand out in India and how to use our BPM solutions to your advantage, contact our team.

¹NASSCOM: India IT BPM Overview.

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