#TPInspires Experiences that Last a Lifetime

Teleperformance - 01.18.2018

Digital transformation and growing consumer power have shifted the focus of organizations to a new battlefield: the Customer Experience. Today, almost every service, product or expertise is first tweeted, yelped, coupon-coded, reviewed and finally, ordered hands-free with Alexa. World’s increasing digital nativity has left us with no room for error. In fact, it has changed the entire customer experience paradigm.

Providing great customer experience (CX) is not just about redressing a grievance efficiently or sharing information pro-actively. It is not only about the number of channels you have on social media but the way you connect and provide service to the customers. In this era, giving the customer an experience that lasts a lifetime, has become paramount.

Our recent analysis through the Teleperformance Cx Lab study told us that customers who had a negative experience when interacting with a brand’s customer service presented 29 per cent loyalty intention, compared to the ones that did not interact.

Experiences that Last a Lifetime

From planning a vacation to ordering an iPhone, plethora of options are searched online by a customer, rigorous research is done and then eventually a purchase or exchange is made. If the experience is good, engagement with the brand continues, with or without feedback. If things go south, the customer may just leave or disengage quite passively. Have a look at the entire digital journey a customer goes through before making a decision:

Experiences that Last a Lifetime


Great CX comes from your core PURPOSE

Winning in the age of customers requires all organizations to provide a unique customer experience across all channels – digital and traditional. And a great customer experience starts with a well-defined and clearly communicated core Purpose which runs through the entire organization. It requires the businesses to touch and improve the lives of their customers, making it easier and better.

At Teleperformance, customer experience is driven by our organization’s core purpose – promoting our 5Ps culture that puts PEOPLE at the center of all solutions and strategies to reach the potential performance. That is why the solutions we provide to the employees, customers and clients are driven by Care and Empathy.


Creating a lasting memory

Moments matter. In fact, it is the smaller moments that go on to create ‘long lasting experiences’. And you don’t have to have a complicated strategy, a conversion funnel or a pretty logo to create memorable experiences for your customers or clients. You can do that by just having a simple yet powerful interaction. An interaction wherein you are able to connect with them in a real, compelling and relevant way.

You need to touch your customers in as many expected and unexpected ways as possible to create that lasting memory and connection to your brand. And one of our research shows, higher the number of channels used, the more willing customers are to recommend a brand.

More channels mean more connections and more interactions.

At Teleperformance, being a listening organization we follow this approach for our employees as well by giving them an opportunity to connect with us through multiple channels. This is how we drive values and a #PeopleSmart Culture at our workplace through every smaller interaction, creating bigger and lasting memories.

To know more about our best practices in customer experience and people culture, visit us here!

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Contributor: Neha Sethi @nehacsethi

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