TPInspires Sustainability for #GenNext

#TPInspires Sustainability for #GenNext

Teleperformance - 02.15.2018

When we think about caring for our planet, a safe future for our next generations and sustainability, our realm includes the immediate self, our families and sometimes even our colleagues but we often miss out an important section that makes the efforts multiply quickly. The immediate ecosystem that includes our Domestic helps, vendors around our homes & offices are people we often miss out and are some of the major contributors towards green-house gas emissions and unruly waste disposal negatively affecting the planet.

By including them in the ambit of active participation towards being citizens of the planet and promoters of sustainability, we can create enormous impact and reduce the consumerist outcomes of the current age and society.

Giving back alongside growth.

At Teleperformance our effort towards protecting the environment are based on one key aspect - EDUCATION. As a part of the Teleperformance Group initiative dedicated to sustainability, Citizen of the Planet (COTP) we are committed towards conservation of natural resources and integration of alternative energy in our sites. And we do so through an integrated approach including our employees and their families and the ancillary systems, their employees and families, towards:

  • Energy Consumption
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions – CO2
  • Waste Management

The Citizen of the Planet program across the 74 countries we are present in, is dedicated to sustainable living and creating a better future for the #GenNext. As a company, over 94% of our employees are millennials and by aligning them to a common Purpose of improving the quality of life for people living around them, contributing effectively to the environment & the economy gives us the opportunity to influence many connected lives and create a huge impact we strive for.

Creating a ripple effect of positive influence.

‘ZERO Garbage’ is a key initiative we promote at Teleperformance India under the Citizen of the Planet that subscribes to our commitment to cleaner and greener sites. This green initiative ensures all our sites are aligned to converting garbage to compost through state of the art machinery set up at 2 of our sites currently and in process for the rest.

Over 90% of our employees have their meals at office nearly every day. That means that millions of sandwich crusts, morsels, lentil soups, banana peels and tea bags get tossed out in the office garbage. This translates to an average of 109 tonnes of garbage produced annually across our 6 sites in India. Through the ZERO Garbage program across 2 of our sites we currently convert 270kg garbage produced daily to 30% (average) 81kgs of compost, which is utilized on and around the sites for tree plantation and upkeep.


While Composting considerably reduces climate-change causing emissions and puts food waste to good use by creating a valuable soil amendment, the benefits are not limited to recycling. This initiative helps promote our #PeopleSmart culture by actively engaging employees, boosting their morale and contribution to the environment and encourage sustainable living.

The Zero Garbage program is one of our positive ways to tackle the burgeoning food waste problem in India and what makes it more special is the Education transfer that’s attached to it. Best practices on waste management, disposal and hygiene standards are ceded to the local vendors, by our volunteers, in and around the offices to create a ripple effect.

Truly living our 5Ps Culture.

Teleperformance India 5Ps: PEOPLE --> Passion --> PURPOSE --> Pride = PERFORMANCE

PEOPLE are the core of all our endeavours.

For all our COTP initiatives, People are sensitized to Purpose of improving the quality of life for people around them contributing effectively to the environment & the economy. On a monthly basis, 5,965 Teleperformance India employees also make voluntary monetary contributions along with volunteering efforts, to the various causes we support which showcases their commitment to the purpose.

As our business & employee strength grows, we are committed to create a multiplier effect with not only creating more jobs but also actively serving the community we are a part of. Each of our efforts towards these initiatives goes above and beyond the norm by making sustainable living commonplace for each one of us as a part of this unified system. Hence, across the world Teleperformance is regarded as one of the few truly sustainable businesses in the world constantly supporting the environment for better living.

If you want to know more about our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, write to us at

Contributor: Neha Sethi @nehacsethi

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