Transforming Businesses in the age of Digital

Teleperformance - 02.25.2019

In a rapidly advancing world, the better equipped a business is with current technologies and consumer insights, the better are its chances of success. Today’s IT transformation tools including analytics, cloud, RPA, and bots provide enterprises with the opportunities to reinvent, recreate, and rebuild their entire business models to meet the customer needs of today. However the real differentiation lies in the people aspect which assures its sustainability in the long term. Therefore, the right technology integration, an employee first culture and a well thought out outsourcing approach can prepare a business for the challenges of tomorrow.

Choosing the integrated approach for continuous business improvement

As new technologies and innovations capture headlines, their true value is derived through the right application and it’s alignment with the people who use them. This is one factor that has helped businesses move beyond the cost arbitrage to offer service quality and experience as their key differentiation in the market. As a result intelligent businesses have been using the outsourcing approach to employ the non-core business expertise from industry specialists.

Given this, the evolution of business models across decades has been interesting. From in-house individual support functions to global shared centers, to an all-encompassing integrated support ecosystem with internal owners and outsourced specialists has illustrated the power of collaboration while leveraging global best practices.

        Raising the bar for CX delivery

As a brand aligned to the needs of tomorrow, Teleperformance’ Digital Integrated Business Services arm utilizes four decades of CX expertise and industry-recognized people best practices to create market differentiation for our partners. Being strategic partners to global brands, we offer solutions that employ TelePerformance in India 3 Es of Business Transformation:

EmpathyTraining our people to address the most complex business challenges combining machine learning and AI with people passion and empathy in equal measures, we are transforming businesses and improving customer lives with each interaction, as #EachInteractionMatters to us.

Experience: 4 decades global CX experience defining, sharing, and implementing worldwide best practices. Using big data from decades of customer interactions to offer actionable business insights, we are being #AgileTogether making businesses future-ready.

ExpertiseOur subject-matter expertise and people strength makes us the leading BPO to partner with. Each Teleperformance in India solution is crafted to suit the order of magnitude of the business problem utilizing strategic resources, gender-smart leadership, and tiger teams across geographies.

We always believe that business transformation happens when all parts of the business transform in tandem, using the knowledge of the past. Our proprietary TAP™ framework based on Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence with an employee first approach is the DNA of our business and awarded best in the industry.

Resulting in

Increased revenues: Using the TAP™ framework, we recently helped an e-commerce giant increase their revenue opportunities by Euros 165K per month through IVR and website.

Reduced cost of operation: We were also able to reduce the cost of fault case management of an Australian broadband provider by 40% implementing robotics process automation.

Increased end-customer satisfaction: Currently, our team of digital experts is developing a predictive analytics tools for a global leader in the banking sector. The tool uses advanced analytics to utilize new and historical data for forecasting activity, behavior, and trends to improve response rate and customer experience on payments for our banking client.

Managing experiences, building connections

In a business of managing people expectations and creating memorable experiences, empathy is a strong suite to have. Millennials, who are powerful customers today with high purchasing power are known to have affinity for brands that care for them and for the world at large. Businesses which understand this and focus on CX as a core business mandate are sure slated for long-term success.

For Teleperformance, the global leader in omnichannel CX, each interaction matters and each Teleperformer matters to support our clients in these demanding times. Along with a strong suite of in-house team of technology and analytics experts working with leading global brands, 72,000+ Teleperformers embrace a people-first attitude to serve customers and solve problems, which sets us apart from our competitors.

Do you also agree that people lead the charge for creating healthier relationships with technology as an enabler? Share with us in the comments section.

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Contributor: Neha Sethi @nehacsethi

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