Dear Shareholders,

The Annual General Meeting of your Group held on April 14 provided the opportunity to present our achievements in 2021 as well as the next key steps to succeed in our ongoing transformation.


2021 was a strong year shaped by many challenges and incredible opportunities. Revenue grew by nearly +26% on a like-for-like basis and exceeded the €7 billion mark, with a medium-term target achieved one year ahead of schedule. Teleperformance achieved growth in net profit of more than +70%, a performance unmatched in the last decade.


Our momentum was confirmed in the first-quarter 2022 performance with recurring like-for-like growth of more than +11%. This holds a great deal of promise for another year of solid growth and reflects our positioning as the preferred partner of many key digital economy players and major groups in their digital transformation, as well as government agencies around the world.


Despite the uncertain global economic and geopolitical environment, we are confident about the ongoing development in the years to come. We continue to "surf" the waves of digitalization in our market, with growth sustained today by new activities, new clients, new technologies and our partners' increasingly ever more complex and demanding needs. The metaverse boom, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are emblematic of our rapidly evolving market, from which Teleperformance fully benefits today.



Daniel Julien interviewed by Karen Walker from Forbes in May 2022

People have also been thrown into highly vulnerable circumstances due to various crises. Teleperformance is fully assuming its role as a Force of Good, which is one of the pillars of its CSR strategy. We were notably proud to recently announce the signing of a partnership with UNICEF to support child education and contribute to the agency's worldwide disaster relief fund. The US$6 million partnership will help improve education programs in India and the Philippines and provide emergency disaster relief around the world. We are also demonstrating full support for Ukraine, with significant donations to various NGOs. We have also decided to cease all sales and marketing activities, new investment and financial transfers in Russia, where operations represent less than 1% of the Group's revenue.


On behalf of all the Teleperformance teams, I would like to thank you, dear shareholders, for your support and trust, as expressed by your votes at the last Annual General Meeting. They are key to our continued growth, transformation, and success, which we wanted to illustrate by presenting a few achievements in this shareholders newsletter.


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