Teleperformance is growing in the metaverse!

This 3D immersive version of the Internet brings together the real world and the digital world.

Building tomorrow’s CX on a new channel and on new business lines

Revolutionize employee’s engagement especially thanks to virtual campuses encouraging social interactions

Did you know?

The value of the metaverse market is expected to reach US$800 billion by 2024*, vs. US$500 billion in 2020, attracting online game makers, social networks and other technology leaders.

* Source: Bloomberg Intelligence

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Augusto Mobile


Teleperformance's expertise in the gaming industry is very relevant as it is where the metaverse started many years ago and is a perfect example of our high-touch, high-tech approach.

Augusto Martinez Reyes, CEO of Teleperformance Portugal and leader of the Group's metaverse initiative

Teleperformance ForFun

The For Fun Festival, the annual artistic competition open to all Teleperformance talent, took place for the first time in the metaverse

The Group's 420,000 employees worldwide were invited in April 2022 to share a unique experience and have fun together. They also had the chance to attend a concert by American singer Norah Jones and a performance by DJ Harrison First.

Esports Arena1

Teleperformance held a new and groundbreaking Games and E-sports convention in May 2022

This convention brought together more than 500 in-person attendees in Lisbon, Portugal, and 80,000 streaming viewers across the different channels. This was also the official opening of Teleperformance’s first Global E-sports Arena and Metaverse Center of Excellence.