"ChatGPT is a great opportunity”

It has already been used in process automation by Teleperformance since 2021. The integration of ChatGPT into Teleperformance's automation processes (TP GenAI) makes interactions even simpler, faster, and better. TP GenAI can also integrate other technologies similar to ChatGPT. Regardless of the technologies used, Teleperformance implements a dedicated data security environment.

The Call2Summary solution offers significant efficiency gains by transcribing and summarizing calls using ChatGPT


Training time reduced by


Average handling time reduced by


Errors reduced by

ChatGPT is a great opportunity to continue developing new and more efficient hybrid solutions by combining automation and employee expertise. Teleperformance is also using this technology to accelerate the transformation of its own operations, including hiring and training

Bhupender Singh, President of Transformation, Teleperformance

Bhupender Singh, President Of Transformation, Teleperformance
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Learn more about ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a next-generation conversational bot developed by OpenAI. This highly flexible tool is based on artificial intelligence and it can generate very high-quality text content thanks to its language model which uses a large amount of data. But there are many risks and challenges associated with the development of this tool, such as the lack of confidentiality for user input and the varying reliability of its output. The launch of the mainstream version of ChatGPT in November 2022 was a great success. It became the fastest online platform to reach one million users in only 5 days!