Strategic Partnership signed with Mastercard

The partnership announced in March 2023 offers integrated payment solutions for the fintech and financial services companies in Latin America. Teleperformance's expertise in digital transformation, back-office services, and customer experience will improve the omnichannel client journey.

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Teleperformance deploys services and solutions that meet increasingly complex demands from clients around the world.

The Group’ strong position in the social media and financial services verticals illustrates TP Cube's success.

With this partnership, Teleperformance is strengthening its position in Latin America, a very dynamic market for digital and payment companies.

Mamta Rodrigues, Teleperformance Global President of Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

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Did you know?

  • Teleperformance already provides support services to more than 200 banks, payment providers, and fintechs globally.
  • In 2022, the banking, financial services & insurance sector represented 14% of the Group’s total revenue.

Everest has ranked Teleperformance as one of the five world leaders of the content moderation market.

This reflects the effectiveness of the Group’s commitment to ESG. In fact, Everest has identified ESG as one of the key success factors in this market, as large online platforms require exemplary practices from their partners.


A market expected to double in size in four years

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Content moderation (Trust & Safety): a fast- growing market

The need for content moderation has surged dramatically with the boom in digital technology and social media. This service is essential in today's society to protect Internet users from offensive content. Beyond content moderation, the Trust & Safety business line also includes data protection, regulatory compliance monitoring, and preservation of brand reputation.

Latest News

In March 2023, Teleperformance confirmed that it would resume offering full- service content moderation, a decision welcomed by employee representatives.
The Group is one of the few companies in the world that can provide this service professionally, at a global scale, while ensuring employees’ well-being.

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