Automated translation services

Multilingual support wherever and whenever you need it

Our proprietary AI-powered translation solution augments live customer support in more than 140 languages/dialects. It increases productivity, adds operational flexibility, and guarantees a great experience for your customers 24/7 – wherever they are in the world.

More than 80 of our long-term clients already use Teleperformance’s automated translation solution to optimize their support operations, including audio transcription, real-time audio transcription, scripts, speech-to-text, and translation.

Tell the right customer story

  • MachinetTranslation
  • Language detection
  • Spelling and grammar checker

  • Speech-to-text
  • Real-time audio transcription
  • Audio file transcription
  • Predefined Custom Scripts

  • Tone and mood detection
  • Profanity checks
  • Customized glossaries

Deliver exceptional experiences in any language​

Optimize operations and extend support to new locations by using AI to translate conversations in real time, interpret emotions, understand linguistic patterns, and conduct grammar and spelling checks.
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Translate conversations in real time and expand your reach

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Support your clients 24/7 regardless of location

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Improve efficiency in your multilingual support

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Deliver a holistic, multilingual strategy for addressing all aspects of your client needs

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Respond faster when your clients need you the most

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Operate cost-effectively

Multiple interaction options through digital and voice channels

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Improve multiple operational KPIs with one unique solution

Quick automated translation implementation

Automated translation services

icon star  Ensure timely responses with a stand-alone solution and multiple features such as speech-to-text and audio transcription


icon star  Reduce handling time while improving accuracy and precision


icon star  Standardize language levels and multilingual conversations across regions


icon star  Activation options: Standalone web version or API integration


icon star  SaaS Model: Self-service management console

Real clients are seeing real results

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