Acess decades of industry focused expertise

With over 44 years of experience in connecting the world’s most successful brands with their customers, Teleperformance has become a trusted provider of Digitally Integrated Business Services.

Grubhub: Work-at-Home sucess before, during and after COVID-19

To address staffing challenges during peak hours, the team decided to pilot an elastic work-at-home solution to complement their existing, site-based staff. Experiencing KPI improvements across the board, including a 50% reduction in attrition and a 6.5% increase in CSAT, Grubhub has chosen to permanently adopt the work-at-home model.

A partnership built on Operational Excellence

In a demanding and complex industry like banking, choosing the right partner is critical for ensuring consistent, connected, convenient and secure customer experiences. Prior to partnering with Teleperformance, Santander worked with another provider that failed to deliver the scale, capacity, and talented agents they needed. So, when they made the transition, avoiding business disruption was critical.

Samsung: An effective formula for continuous CX Success

Samsung and Teleperformance have established a partnership based on trust and innovation. One such innovation has been the application of speech and data analytics, which has helped to streamline and improve performance enough to pay for itself completely

Samsung: Delivering CX Round the Clock While Optimizing Resources

To handle volume increases and provide 24-hour support after staffing hours, Samsung has created Sam the chatbot. Working with experienced Teleperformance conversation designers, they’ve outlined responses to common questions, and have implemented machine learning for continuous improvement.

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