The insurance sector has started to lean heavily on online customer support. Insurers always look for cost-effective services, which create hurdles in the rapid digitization of the entire network. They also find it difficult to prioritize processes that could be streamlined or automated. With the adoption of new technologies and InsurTech capabilities, insurers can change the way they interact with brokers and approach policyholders with a better customer experience (CX) through personalized solutions.

How can TP help?

As a leading Digital Integrated Business Services (DIBS) company, we provide customized solutions based on specific requirements to suit the needs of each business:

Back-office solutions

Omnichannel services + AI solutions

Fraud prevention

Market opportunity analysis

Claims processing

Policy administration

Strategic Insights

How the insurance industry has changed after lockdowns?

Insurance BPO sector has seen significant growth in the recent past. Insurers have drastically minimized operating expenditures along with streamlining back & front office operations.


“Beyond performance, we benefit from a partner that listens to our needs, meets our expectations, and has the necessary resources.”

Dominique Yapi, Head of Development

Marketing & Sales Promotion at GROUPAMA

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Insurance companies are six to seven years behind in digitization versus other industries. Catch up with our customized in-house solutions according to your needs.

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