In recent years, retail and E-commerce have increased significantly due to lockdowns around the world. Unprecedented growth occurred, thanks to the implementation of new technologies and the hybridization of marketplaces, in which businesses go from the local to the global and vice-versa. As a result of new technologies, platforms, and disruptions, the buyers’ behavior has significantly changed, making customer experience (CX) non-negotiable. With the technological boom, retailers must have a balanced high-tech and high-touch approach to creating an interaction where effort in interactions is reduced. The result is higher customer satisfaction (C-SAT) and brand loyalty for better overall customer lifetime value.

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As experts across the entire customer lifecycle and process optimization pioneers, Teleperformance has the proven experience needed in retail and E-commerce to guide clients through all the phases of business transformation from strategy through implementation and optimization.
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Through Teleperformance digital innovations, peak management for retailers is the perfect opportunity to obtain and retain new customers thanks to solutions that provide a great CX.

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