Circle of Excellence

Performance, Competance and Personal Development System

Lift your company goals and your employee’s career journey up!
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Why Circle of Excellence?

Circle of Excellence enables your company to measure employee individual performance in a fair and consistent way, in line with organizational goals.

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Increases individual and organizational productivity

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Improves communication inside the organization

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Decreases manual mistakes

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Saves time with embedded reports and ease of use

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Provides real time output


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Performance Management

Fair and sustainable individual performance management, compatible with organizational goals

  • Easy grouping of performance criteria
  • Weigthing function for each performance management criteria
  • Submitting weight and criteria to management approval
  • Reward claim
  • Performance rating tracking
  • Approval to view by the evaluate
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Talent & ​​Promotion Management

Talent pool creation and management with complete transparency and fed with system data

  • Dynamic criteria setting
  • Automatic determination of the pool according to the criteria
  • Talent pool management; approve, reject, review etc.
  • Candidate suggestions
  • Destinations
  • Survey management
  • CV pool management
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Success & ​​Reward Management

Actions that increase the impact of promotions with perks and title rewarding

  • Badge assignment
  • User profile management
  • Admin panel
  • Badge marketplace
  • Perk marketplace

Increase your employee performance & satisfaction!

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